“What a joke. His Majesty isn’t allowed to interfere in an event as large as treason? This Crown Prince doesn’t understand, is it because Prince Yun doesn’t want to return authority to His Majesty?” Chu Linglong questioned first. A trace of interest rose in his eyes as he got ready to watch the drama. 


Yun Ruofeng had come prepared; with all the soldiers and generals in place, he felt that nothing could shake his confidence and ruin his plans.


Thus, his expression remained unchanged when faced with Chu Linglong’s interrogation. “His Majesty hasn’t reached adulthood yet, and is still inexperienced. With the late Emperor entrusting His Majesty to this Prince, I would be disrespecting his wishes if I didn’t take care of His Majesty. Besides, as someone from Dongling, I hope that you won’t interfere with Nanzhao’s matters, Crown Prince Chu.”


He had silenced Chu Linglong with one sentence. It is indeed inconvenient for me to interfere with Nanzhao’s internal matter.


Everyone on the Dragon Boat looked at Wei Mohai and the blood-written letter in his hand. Shortly after, it was sent to the hands of Guan Xiang.


Guan Xiang took the blood-written letter and glanced at it. How can it be… this is also Grand Tutor Liu’s handwriting! How can both letters possess Grand Tutor Liu’s handwriting?!


Yun Ruofeng saw that Guan Xiang kept his head down and didn’t talk at all. “Guan Xiang, as long as you take everyone from the Literary Association and leave, this Prince will not punish you for now. Otherwise, you will bear the crime of disrupting the drumming at the state banquet. Are you able to bear that?”


Guan Xiang held the blood-written letter tightly in his hand and hollered, “This peasant doesn’t believe that Grand Tutor Liu would commit treason. Someone copied Grand Tutor Liu’s handwriting and wrote the blood-written letter!”


“What a joke, there is no one who can copy Grand Tutor Liu’s handwriting.” Yun Ruofeng’s voice was harsh, and his eyes gleamed as he looked towards Guan Xiang.


Hiding in the crowd, Su Xi-er’s eyes narrowed slightly; she passed a handkerchief to Yu Xiao as they passed by each other. “Take the tied-up Imperial Guard Army soldiers up, then pass the handkerchief to Guan Xiang. Guan Xiang will understand once he sees it.”


Yu Xiao nodded and stowed the handkerchief in his sleeve. Soon after, he forced two tied-up soldiers from the Imperial Guard Army to go up.


The civilians were confused when they saw a few tied-up burly men suddenly being brought in.


Wei Mohai’s eyebrows furrowed. These are my subordinates from last night. Why didn’t they bite their tongues off and commit suicide after being caught?


Yu Xiao made the soldiers kneel down and loudly announced, “Prince Yun ordered Commander Wei to attack the Literary Association late last night. If it wasn’t for the quick actions of Guan Xiang, I’m afraid that the Literary Association would’ve gone up in a ball of fire like the Liu Residence!”


The crowd was stirred up again, especially the commoners who lived near the Literary Association. “That’s right, I was there last night. There were marks on these imperial guards’ shoulders. The soldiers from the Imperial Guard Army really wielded their knives and swords against the Association!”


Yun Ruofeng hadn’t expected this to happen. His expression changed slightly before it returned to normal.


However, before Yun Ruofeng could defend himself, one of the soldiers from the Imperial Guard Army yelled, “Commander Wei, this subordinate has failed in killing the people from the Literary Association. This subordinate shall offer my life as punishment!” After that, the soldier bit his tongue off and instantly stopped breathing.


The other drugged soldiers followed along, causing Yun Ruofeng’s heart to sink violently.


Wei Mohai was also perplexed. They didn’t commit suicide, nor did they decide to die later. No, they chose this moment to stab their master in the back before killing themselves!


Yu Xiao sneered to himself. My drug really works well! After that, he passed his handkerchief to Guan Xiang.


Guan Xiang glanced at it. This handkerchief is something that a woman uses, so it must be from Miss! The handwriting on it is exactly the same as Grand Tutor Liu’s! Even the ink on it is fresh. There’s no way it was written more than a few hours ago! Miss is so clever that she even predicted Prince Yun’s moves!


Guan Xiang immediately kowtowed and loudly replied, “Prince Yun, Grand Tutor Liu’s handwriting can be copied by others. The writing on this handkerchief was clearly done by someone very recently. It is exactly the same as Grand Tutor Liu’s handwriting!”

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