“This…” The other imperial guards looked at each other in confusion, but after receiving a harsh stare from their boss, they had no choice but to let everyone go.


So all of the civilians on this street were immediately released and began heading towards the Water Caltrop River.


Some time after everyone had left, the imperial guard in charge returned from his stupor. His eyes brightened up as he looked up the empty street, then at the empty registry in his hand.


He looked at his subordinates in annoyance. “There were so many civilians just now; where did they all disappear to?!”


His subordinates were even more startled, each of them giving their boss a look of confusion. “Boss, you were the one who told us to stop checking and to let them go!”


“What?! Why would I do something like that when Commander Wei has ordered us to check everyone? Doing so would be stupid and finding trouble myself for no reason!”


“But Boss, that’s really what you did. The drunk man told you to let everyone go, and the civilians were starting to complain as well, so you let everyone go.”


The guard in charge immediately sniffed his registry, noticing that there was the scent of wine present. I would only let everyone go if I had been possessed!


He thought carefully, and only realised what had happened after some time had passed. “Shucks, I have been tricked! I must immediately let Commander Wei know that there’s a slip-up!” He immediately rushed off, his heart pounding in his chest.


However, it was already too late: The groups of scholars had already reached the Water Caltrop River in separate groups, and Su Xi-er was hiding in the crowd of civilians.


At 5am, before they start drumming, Guan Xiang will bring up his letter and publicly condemn Prince Yun! If Yun Ruofeng plays tricks again and slanders Grand Tutor Liu, the tied-up soldiers from the Imperial Guard Army will be used as evidence to overthrow him!


Suddenly, Su Xi-er narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at the calm Water Caltrop River. There will be a huge wind coming through very soon.


More and more civilians have now reached the Water Caltrop River. They were excited to see the drumming, which would show off the strength of their country! The civilians who lived near the Literary Association however, were very worried. They were all looking at Prince Yun, hoping that the man who stood at the head of the Dragon Boat wouldn’t disappoint them.


The time passed quickly, and it was soon 5am.


It was only fifteen minutes before 5am that Wei Mohai had received the news about the civilians who lived on the street near the Literary Association. When he heard about the drunk man, Wei Mohai’s expression grew even worse, prompting him to give Qin Ling a glance. Qin Ling understood and immediately broke the imperial guard’s neck. The imperial guard who was acting all arrogant on the street where the Literary Association was located was now dead.


Apart from Yun Ruofeng, Ning Lianchen and the dignitaries from other countries also stood at the front of the Dragon Boat.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze scanned the shores of the Water Caltrop River and noticed something amiss. His gaze then moved towards the team of drummers who were ready to start. It looks like we won’t be able to hear the drumming this time.


Yun Ruofeng bowed to pay his respect to Ning Lianchen. “Your Majesty, it’s time to signal for the drumming to start.”


Ning Lianchen nodded, but his gaze was scanning for someone near the riverside. Shortly after, he raised his hand and looked at the team of drummers, getting ready to signal for the drummers to start.


Before he could do so, however, a commotion broke out within the crowd by the riverside. A large group of people suddenly knelt on the ground, while the old man who was in front of all of them had two letters in his hand. The crowd suddenly heard him emotionally cry out, “Grand Tutor Liu was viciously murdered by Prince Yun. Everyone in the Literary Association is looking to find justice for him today. We have written a letter to Your Majesty to impeach Prince Yun!”


His voice had a trace of desolation in it, and his words were loud and clear.


A deathly silence reigned over the area, until the pot finally boiled over.


“What happened?”


“Didn’t you know? There was a big fire at the Liu Residence last night. I thought it was an accident, but now we know that it was because of Prince Yun!”


“There’s evidence! How can they prove that it was Prince Yun who killed him?”


Su Xi-er, who was hiding in the crowd, yelled out, “The letters in Guan Xiang’s hands are proof enough. Even if that’s not enough, Prince Yun also sent his Imperial Guard Army to attack the Literary Association last night in order to silence them!”


In an instant, all the civilians turned to Guan Xiang “The letter is the evidence! Prince Yun really did kill Grand Tutor Liu!”


At the same time, the group of scholars kowtowed together and said loudly, “Seek justice for Grand Tutor Liu, crusade against Prince Yun. Strip away his power, and return it to His Majesty!”

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