The middle-aged man immediately replied, “Commoners like us don’t understand the schemes of Prince Yun, but if he really killed Grand Tutor Liu and harm civilians, then my heart would also grow cold with disappointment. Follow me to my drug store and collect the medicinal herbs that you will need.” He walked out of the main hall, motioning for Yu Xiao to follow.


After everything was prepared, Su Xi-er waved her hand to signal for the commoners to go home. We will see how things turn out tomorrow.


A few civilians showed reluctant expressions and sighed before they left.


While Su Xi-er was preparing for tomorrow, Wei Mohai was also working quickly to deploy more guards. It was because of this matter that Wei Mohai had yet to investigate the case of the Wei Miss’. Although the night seemed calm, it was the exact opposite underneath the surface.


The next day, the scholars from the Literary Association were already ready and dressed in their coarse clothes when the sun was rising. They mixed into the civilian crowd and travelled to the Water Caltrop River in their predetermined groups. Su Xi-er, wearing a cyan dress, did the same.


However, the armed guards at the end of the street where the Literary Association was located were interrogating every civilian who walked past them.


They asked two questions: ‘What is your name?’ and ‘Where do you live?’ They would only let people pass after they had confirmed these things in their registry of citizens.


Su Xi-er looked at Yu Xiao and told him softly, “Now’s the time for the drug you made last night to come in handy.”


Yu Xiao chuckled and nodded. “I tested it on the soldiers from the Imperial Guard Army this morning to make sure that it’s effective. Just watch what I can do!” He immediately walked forward and began to sway back and forth, fishing his wine pot out from his waist and pretending to be drunk.


The imperial guard immediately blocked him. “A drunkard cannot go to the Water Caltrop River.” A few other guards immediately came over, and it looked like they were going to chase Yu Xiao away.


Yu Xiao skillfully swung his wine pot, splashing the drugged wine onto the guard holding the name registry.


The imperial guard furrowed his eyebrows. Just as he was about to order his subordinates to arrest Yu Xiao, the expression in his eyes became hazy.


Yu Xiao took the chance and hit the imperial guard on the head with the wine pot. “I want to go to the Water Caltrop River to watch the drumming. I’m very excited for the state banquet, so why do you have to get in the way? Just let me go.”


The imperial guard nodded immediately and set his registry to the side. “It’s fine if it’s for the state banquet. Let him go.”


His subordinates didn’t understand what had just happened, but since their boss had already given the orders, they could only obey.


After Yu Xiao passed through, he opened his mouth again. “By the time you check through your registry for everyone’s names, the drumming at the Water Caltrop River will be over already!”


At this moment, Su Xi-er, who was hiding in the crowd, also chimed in. “That’s right, we want to go and see the drumming. Are you bullying us just because we are powerless civilians? I saw that a few wealthy families already passed through; why didn’t you block them?”


Her words had enraged the crowd, and all of the commoners started talking loudly. “We have been living on this street for a decade. Now that we want to go and watch the drumming, you are asking to check our identities? It has never happened before; this is bullying!”


Yu Xiao immediately looked at the imperial guard who had let him go. “You can’t bully people, let them go!”


When the imperial guard in charge heard this, he immediately waved his hand at his subordinates. “They are all honest civilians. Stop checking and let them go!”

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