After reading it over a few times, she nodded. “Mmm, not bad. Bring the letter written by Grand Tutor Liu along as well tomorrow. We’ll head to the Water Caltrop River in separate groups, but...”


Yu Xiao immediately asked, “But what? Did we miss out something?”


Su Xi-er slowly replied, “Yun Ruofeng is skilled at leading armies, and part of that skill is predicting his enemy’s moves. If he was willing to send Wei Mohai to make a move on the Literary Association, it means that he had already prepared countermeasures before he killed Grand Tutor Liu. Something like fake evidence to show that Grand Tutor Liu deserved to die.”


All the scholars were angered. “Grand Tutor Liu was loyal to Nanzhao, but not only did Prince Yun kill him for selfish reasons, he even plans to slander him after his death!”


Su Xi-er waved her hand and signalled them to stay calm. “Yu Xiao, tie up the Imperial Guard Army soldiers who were drugged by you and bring them here.”


“Mmm, those Imperial Guard Army soldiers are currently surrounded by the civilians. I’ll be right back.” Yu Xiao immediately headed towards the exit of the secret chamber.


Guan Xiang didn’t understand; he wanted to ask Su Xi-er to explain, but saw her waving her hand. “Guan Xiang, just listen to what I say. There isn’t enough time for me to explain right now, but I’ll definitely provide you with a satisfactory reason after we’ve publicly denounced Prince Yun. I need you to gather all the scholars and head to the Water Caltrop River tomorrow. Tell Yu Xiao to bring the soldiers along as well. I will be hidden among the crowd myself. ”


Guan Xiang nodded. “I will listen to your instructions, Miss.”


“Guan Xiang, if we fail tomorrow, it’s possible that you will die. Are you scared?” Su Xi-er suddenly asked.


“No, as a scholar, the word ‘scared’ is not in my bones. As I have decided to seek justice for Grand Tutor Liu, I don’t care about putting this old life on the line anymore. However, Yu Xiao…”


“Yu Xiao is skilful, he will be fine.” Su Xi-er’s voice was calm as she gave an implicit promise to Guan Xiang.


“That child has a pitiful life.” Guan Xiang sighed and then looked at everyone. “Everyone, prepare your blue robes; we can’t wear our scholar robes tomorrow. When we start heading towards the Water Caltrop River, we’ll head over in five separate groups. The teams will be the same as how we teamed up for the competition today.”


All the scholars bowed and immediately began to return to their own rooms.


To them, tomorrow would be a tough battle, even if no blades were involved!


Su Xi-er exited the secret chamber and made her way to the main hall of the Literary Association. She could see that the few Imperial Guard Army soldiers who were tied up were still deep asleep.


A few civilians had also followed inside. They raised their hands and pointed at the Imperial Guard Army soldiers while they talked about how unbelievable this was.


Su Xi-er looked at Yu Xiao. “Tomorrow, these soldiers may try to commit suicide by biting off their tongues when they wake up. I need you to…” She lowered her voice before continuing. “...make a hallucination drug from herbs that will confuse these Imperial Guard Army soldiers so they can’t tell who their master is.”


Yu Xiao’s eyes curved into a smile. “You are so clever; how did you know that I can make that kind of drug?”


“You are the type that wouldn’t spend time making normal medicinal powders.” Su Xi-er spoke slowly before looking at a middle-aged man standing in the middle of the crowd. “Your family has a drug store, right? Can you help us?”


Confusion was clear on the man’s face as he raised his sleeve to sniff it. “Miss, I just changed my clothes, so there shouldn’t be any smell of medicine on me anymore. How did you know that my family owns a drug store?”


“The hem of your pants and edge of your shoes have some debris from herbs.”


Everyone looked at the middle-aged man’s pants and shoes. It’s true, there is some debris!


The middle-aged man was very impressed. “My family does own a little drug store. Miss, just tell me whatever you need.”


At this moment, Yu Xiao suddenly opened his mouth. “A few regular medicinal herbs that won’t cost a lot. I’ll pay you in full when I come over to collect them.”

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Translation: Sangria

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“Everyone, prepare your blue robes; we can’t wear our scholar robes tomorrow."

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