Ning Lianchen’s hand froze as he tried to put the quilt back on her. Beat His Majesty up?


“Do you know His Majesty?” Liu Yinyin grabbed his hand again, swinging it back and forth with a sincere look in her eyes.


Ning Lianchen put her hand away and replied softly, “I do.”


“Good, when you are free, take me to meet His Majesty. I will definitely beat him up for taking my Dad away, and having the nerve to send my parents to a county in the countryside. He didn’t even confirm when they could come back.” Liu Yinyin was pouting, the sadness on her face somehow seeming adorable.


“Alright, I will take you to see His Majesty when I have time. He has wronged you by taking your father away, and deserves to be beaten up by you.” Ning Lianchen’s voice was soft and gentle as he put the quilt back on her.


Liu Yinyin was satisfied and laid down obediently. She then turned to look at Ning Lianchen. “What is your name? You are such a nice person.I’m called Liu Yinyin.”


“I’m not a nice person, and I can’t tell you my full name for now. However, the last character in my name is ‘Chen’. Since I’m older than you, you can just call me Elder Brother.” Ning Lianchen didn’t tell her his name directly, but instead had her calling him Elder Brother.


Liu Yinyin giggled. “Elder Brother Chen.” She raised her head after saying it. “Elder Brother Chen, the sun isn’t up yet. Aren’t you sleepy? I will leave half of the bed to you; come up and sleep.”


Ning Lianchen was startled. Although I am a bit older than her, we’re both still children. I’m not used to the idea of sharing the same bed as someone else.


“Elder Brother Chen, come and sleep.” Liu Yinyin scooted over in the bed as she spoke, patting the space next to her. “I was just sleeping here, so it’s nice and warm.”


Ning Lianchen shook his head. “You go to sleep; I have something to do.”


Liu Yinyin could see the worried look in his eyes and couldn’t help but ask, “What are you thinking about? Your family? I used to have the same expression when thinking about Daddy, so you must be missing your family.”


Indeed, Ning Lianchen was thinking about his Imperial Elder Sister. He was worried about her, but couldn’t leave the room.


“Elder Brother Chen, if you are missing your family, then you can talk to her quietly from your heart. Dad said that since families are linked by blood, they’ll be able to hear each other if you call out for them from the bottom of your heart. Isn’t it magical?” Liu Yinyin went back under the quilt when she finished talking, softly giggling to herself as she retreated.


“Elder Brother Chen, you need to talk to your family from the bottom of your heart, so I won’t interrupt you anymore. If you are sleepy, then come up and sleep. It’s very warm in the quilt.” After she finished talking, Liu Yinyin closed her eyes obediently. She didn’t know that the person she wanted to beat up was standing in front of her eyes, her Elder Brother Chen.


Ning Lianchen looked at Liu Yinyin and his expression became solemn. His head was full of Liu Yinyin’s words. If you miss your family, then you can speak to them through your heart. Families are linked by blood, so they will hear your words.


Slowly, Ning Lianchen walked towards the window of the Dragon Boat, put his hand next to his chest and started talking silently from the bottom of his heart. If Imperial Elder Sister can feel it...


Liu Yinyin opened her eyes and looked at Ning Lianchen. He’s really doing it, but I won’t tell him that it doesn’t work. When Daddy was at the imperial palace, I often talked to him silently from the heart, hoping that he could feel how much I missed him. However, Daddy still didn’t return after such a long time.


It wasn’t easy for him to come home, but now he’s resting and needs to leave for a countryside county tomorrow. I don’t even know when he will be back. Liu Yinyin suddenly felt sad. However, she thought that no matter how sad she felt, she couldn't tell Elder Brother Chen that this method didn’t work.




Meanwhile, Guan Xiang had already written up an impeachment letter and handed it to Su Xi-er to check.

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