Ning Lianchen didn’t hesitate to drop the pretences once he heard Yun Ruofeng’s interrogational tone, coldly replying, “Prince Yun, you made a move on this Emperor’s respected mentor, Grand Tutor Liu. Although this Emperor can’t protect Grand Tutor Liu, I can still protect his daughter.”


“This Prince had made a move on Grand Tutor Liu for the sake of Nanzhao. Since he was your respected mentor, this Prince didn’t want to tell you about it.” Yun Ruofeng was talking slowly with placid eyes and an expression that was too calm to match his current words.


“Grand Tutor Liu has been staying in the imperial palace with this Emperor. Prince Yun, why don’t you share with me, in what way did he offend you that prompted you to kill him?”


Yun Ruofeng took out a blood-written letter[1] from his sleeve. “You are familiar with the handwriting of your respected mentor; this letter is evidence of him committing treason. Why should we keep someone like this? Your Majesty, you are still young and can’t see things clearly.”


Ning Lianchen’s eyebrows furrowed as he went to take the letter from Yun Ruofeng, but the latter quickly stowed it away in his sleeves. “Your Majesty, does this Prince really need to explain whether the handwriting on the letter is actually Grand Tutor Liu’s?”


Ning Lianchen’s chest tightened. Grand Tutor Liu was definitely not someone who would commit treason. The blood-written letter is surely fake! Although Grand Tutor Liu’s handwriting is difficult to copy, there is definitely someone out there who would be able to do it.


No matter what, I won’t believe that Grand Tutor Liu committed treason. Yun Ruofeng must have been prepared before he acted!


I must tell Imperial Elder Sister about this, otherwise, it may be dangerous even if the scholars all gather tomorrow!


“Your Majesty, Grand Tutor Liu was only blessed with a child after he was already old. For you to look after his only daughter is a way for you to repay him for teaching you; hence, this Prince won’t do anything to his daughter. However, this Prince is not happy about Your Majesty leaving the Dragon Boat by yourself. Someone, come over.” Yun Ruofeng waved his hand, and an imperial guard from the Prince Yun Residence walked up, waiting for his order.


“Guard His Majesty properly, and don’t let him leave his room tonight.”


“This subordinate understands.” The guard bowed and took the order, then gestured for Ning Lianchen to go back to his room.


Ning Lianchen didn’t speak, only sparing Yun Ruofeng a single glance before turning on his heels.


After going back into his room, Ning Lianchen felt worried. Yun Ruofeng has long since been prepared for this situation, but Imperial Elder Sister has no way of knowing about this, and I have no way of telling her. What should I do?


It was at this moment that Liu Yinyin suddenly woke up in the bed. She moved her eyes and looked at the bed-curtains in confusion. This is unfamiliar, where am I?


When Ning Lianchen heard the sound coming from the bed, he walked over and lifted up the bed curtains. “The sun isn’t up yet; sleep some more.”


Liu Yinyin grabbed Ning Lianchen’s hand. “Who are you? Where is Miss Fairy? Why did she disappear?”


“Miss Fairy has to do something, so she left you to me. From now on, I will look after you.”


Liu Yinyin immediately got up from the bed. “I don’t want you to look after me. I have Daddy, Mummy, and Miss Fairy.”


Ning Lianchen’s expression changed. Her father and mother are no longer here, something that she will have to learn one day.


“Your father was sent to a county in the countryside, and your mother followed along. Before your parents come back, I will look after you.” Ning Lianchen couldn’t bear to tell her the truth. Although he never lied before, he was forced to do so now.


Liu Yinyin was shocked and her mouth opened wide. “What! They went to a county? Why didn’t they take me? I want to go too.” She wanted to get up and put her shoes on.


Ning Lianchen stopped her. “You are just a child, and not allowed to follow along. This was an imperial decree that your father couldn’t disobey.”


“Another imperial decree, why is His Majesty so annoying!” Liu Yinyin was so frustrated that she almost began crying.


“Yinyin, don’t cry. His Majesty is indeed not good, but he has no other choice. Yinyin, you must behave so that your parents can return safely.”


Liu Yinyin stopped crying. “Do you know His Majesty? I want to see His Majesty and beat him up.”

1. It’s a letter written in one’s own blood, often to express one’s last wish or determination, and there’s usually no access to ink in such circumstances, thus usually biting one’s finger to draw blood as ink.

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