Guan Xiang glanced at him. “Yu Xiao, now is not the time to act willfully.”


Yu Xiao shrugged. “This young lady is very skilled, but I am curious as to why Grand Tutor Liu would trust you so much. Miss, you must understand that there aren’t many people who can earn Grand Tutor Liu’s trust, much less someone who only looks like they’re 15 or 16 years old.”


“You have great combat skills, especially your drunken punches.” Su Xi-er didn’t answer his question, and even suddenly changed the topic.


Yu Xiao didn’t understand why she had done so, but her words alone were enough to make him pause.


She even...


“There is a hole at the side of your shoes, but your navy blue robe is clean and tidy. This pair of shoes must have accompanied you for many years, but the size of your feet hasn’t changed after so long even as you have grown. If I’m right, you must have been born in Long Horn Village. However, with both your parents gone, you have been raised by Guan Xiang. As for drinking wine, you don’t particularly enjoy it. If anything, you actually hate drinking wine.”


Su Xi-er stopped talking at this point and looked at Yu Xiao with a smile.


Yu Xiao was so startled that he almost stopped breathing. After a while, he kowtowed to pay his respects like everyone else. “Miss, you are very clever and observant. From now on, Yu Xiao is willing to follow your orders.”


“Just remember that you have agreed to listen to my orders.” Su Xi-er’s smile disappeared as she calmly spoke.


Guan Xiang raised his head, glancing at Yu Xiao before replying. “He will follow your orders just as promised. I anticipate that he will learn much by following you, Miss.”


Yu Xiao kowtowed again to pay his respect. “Miss, as the first person to see through me, I am willing to follow your orders. My fighting skills are not bad; I am also talented at making drugs and reconnaissance.”


Su Xi-er stretched out her hands to help him up. “I will take you in. Such skills are very useful to me right now.”


Yu Xiao stood up with an added trace of solemnity and respect in his voice. “Miss, when and how will we confront Prince Yun?”


“The third day of the state banquet will begin tomorrow at 5 am. According to tradition, there will be drumming at the Water Caltrop River to demonstrate the power of Nanzhao. Guan Xiang, write a letter of impeachment tonight. At 5 am tomorrow, I want all of you to mix in with the civilians and deliver this letter before the drumming starts!


The crowd will be at its peak at 5 am tomorrow, making it the best time to confront Prince Yun.


“The news that Prince Yun murdered Grand Tutor Liu and made a move on the Literary Association will be out by tonight, allowing tomorrow’s crusade to be even more effective!” Yu Xiao suddenly exclaimed with a glint of a smile flickering across his eyes.


Su Xi-er noticed that the smile was mixed with a trace of sadness. Yun Ruofeng has always been gentle and warm in front of people, but Yu Xiao has a strange kind of hatred towards him. Could it be...


Yu Xiao saw the confusion in Su Xi-er’s eyes, so he began to explain. “I don’t know my parents, but I did have a very good friend. He was a few years older than me, and went to the army barracks to train. He served the previous Eldest Imperial Princess, and when she was sent to jail, was one of the soldiers sent to the side gates of the imperial palace to retrieve her. Who knew that after the death of the previous Eldest Imperial Princess, Prince Yun would order his men to kill their fellow soldiers as well?”


Yu Xiao’s tone was soft, but his words were heavy. 


Guan Xiang sighed. I know about that. Originally, I thought that Prince Yun had killed the previous Eldest Imperial Princess because she interfered with court politics which is against the national rules. But now that he has suddenly killed Grand Tutor Liu, I have no choice but to revolt against him.”


Su Xi-er patted Yu Xiao’s shoulders before turning to Guan Xiang and instructing, “Write the letter. At 5 am tomorrow, we will go and confront Yun Ruofeng by the Water Caltrop River!” 


“Follow Miss and confront Prince Yun!” Everyone chorused with turbulent emotions.

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