Su Xi-er glanced at the candlestick on the table, being sure to take a match and a safety fuse before following him out.


She saw Yu Xiao heading towards the entrance of the street when she stepped out of the Literary Association. Minding her own business for now, Su Xi-er immediately went to the shop she had seen earlier and kicked the door in.


Darting in, she knelt as she hid in a secret spot, pressing her ears to the ground. She could only hear soft sounds of horse hooves for a moment before they vanished.


Wei Mohai has instructed everyone to dismount their horses; or perhaps Yu Xiao’s medicine has worked.


However, Wei Mohai isn’t so easily dealt with just by using some fainting medicine. Thus, Su Xi-er could only quicken her movements as she lit the safety fuse and piled a small bit of straw on top of it.


She was afraid that the fire later would implicate the commoners’ houses nearby; thus, she had used the safety fuse to limit the damage to this one house while still preventing Wei Mohai from completing his mission.


Just as she was fanning the flames, Su Xi-er heard the sound of swords being drawn from outside. She stood up and looked out through the window, only to see Yu Xiao surrounded.


Despite that, Yu Xiao took the wine pot from his waist and began to drink, slowly dealing with any guards who approached him as he drank.


Although his moves seemed like they had no technique to them, every punch of his was very structured and profound. Su Xi-er’s gaze deepened. Yu Xiao is fighting with Drunken Fist.


I have heard of Drunken Fist a long time ago, but I haven’t witnessed it personally.


Su Xi-er observed the scene carefully, noticing that Wei Mohai was holding up his bow and preparing to kill Yu Xiao with one shot. She immediately hastened to fan the flames of the fire before running out of the house and hiding in a dark corner of the street.


Once the straw house was set ablaze, Su Xi-er shouted at the top of her lungs. “Fire! Quickly put out the fire!” She picked up a stone and nimbly aimed it at the window of a commoner’s house.


Doing the same to a few other houses in the vicinity, Su Xi-er went to a neighbouring bustling street, and proceeded to continue striking people’s houses with stones.


Rattle! Soon enough, the noise was enough to have many commoners awake. Candlelight immediately began to light the windows of each home.


Wei Mohai lowered his bow. We can’t finish Prince Yun’s mission tonight. Tomorrow, we will definitely… His brows furrowed, and the hand grabbing the bow was very tightly clenched. He saw more and more candlelights coming to life, accompanied by commoners who had come to find the source of the fire.


With a flash, Yu Xiao drew the sword from the waist of an Imperial Army Guard, hurling it towards Wei Mohai’s stomach as he laughed.


The sword was thrust at Wei Mohai with sufficient strength to pierce straight through. Spinning his waist in an attempt to dodge, Wei Mohai was just a bit late; and although it didn’t pierce through him as intended, the sword caught him on the side of his waist.


He carefully sized up Yu Xiao, immediately raising his horsewhip. “Everyone, retreat immediately!”


Apart from the few guards who remained on the ground because of Yu Xiao’s medicine, the rest of Wei Mohai’s forces immediately retreated.


Yu Xiao kicked the guards and coldly snorted. The imperial family’s guards are really useless!


Currently, the commoners from all around the area had woken up and found the source of the commotion. With the fire getting increasingly larger, people began to panic and try to extinguish the fire with their water buckets.


After two hours, the fire was finally under control.


Su Xi-er walked out and informed the commoners, “There are people lying on the ground in the distance.” 


Because they were so busy with putting out the fire, the commoner’s hadn’t bothered taking in their surroundings. Now that they were reminded, however, they immediately spotted several bodies lying in the distance.


Everyone instantly went forward to investigate. By the time the commoners arrived, Yu Xiao had already stowed away his wine pot. “These few people are the Imperial Army guards from the imperial palace. I don’t know what’s going on, but they suddenly started yelling and trying to kill me...”


Su Xi-er suddenly interrupted him. “You belong to the Literary Association, so killing you is tantamount to attacking the Literary Association. Since His Majesty doesn’t control the court, the Imperial Army was definitely acting under orders from Prince Yun.”


The commoners were all baffled. “What’s happening? Prince Yun has always loved the citizens and treated the scholars leniently. It’s impossible for him to attack the Literary Association.”


Yu Xiao smiled and crouched down, pulling apart the Imperial Army guards’ clothes. “Look, all of their shoulders have the imperial palace’s symbol imprinted.”


Fear appeared on the commoners’ faces as they hollered, “Prince Yun actually attacked the Literary Association!” Their voices became increasingly loud, eventually echoing through the night sky.

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