Guan Xiang immediately came forth, attempting to hold Yu Xiao up by grabbing the latter’s shoulders. “You should drink less, Yu Xiao; but for now, just quickly head to the secret chamber.”


Yu Xiao dodged Guan Xiang’s hand and smiled. “Wine is my favourite thing in this life. You can’t snatch it away from me. In any case, Guan Xiang, the one who should go to the secret chamber is you.”


He hung the wine pot at his waist and addressed Guan Xiang seriously, “I saw Wei Mohai heading here with a group of troops on the way back. With your old age, you’ll only get hurt if you try to resist them.” 


Su Xi-er could tell from Yu Xiao’s speech and mannerisms that the man wasn’t drunk; she could also tell that he knew martial arts. When she heard about Wei Mohai, however, she knew that they had to come up with a way to deal with him as soon as possible.


However, Guan Xiang was adamant about staying. He felt that the young Yu Xiao couldn’t be allowed to meet with danger.


Su Xi-er’s slender eyebrows furrowed for a moment before she made a decision. With an agile movement of her feet, she moved behind Guan Xiang and struck his neck, causing him to groan before going down.


Su Xi-er instructed Yu Xiao, “Carry him to the secret chamber.” She then walked outside of the Literary Association.


Supporting Guan Xiang, Yu Xiao looked towards Su Xi-er. “And how is a weak woman like yourself planning to deal with Wei Mohai? I’m afraid that you’re going to have to be carried out before you can even confront him.”


However, Su Xi-er’s figure was already gone by the time he finished his sentence. Yu Xiao clicked his tongue. This woman suddenly appeared in the Literary Association, and her actions are so weird as well. I can only describe her as being strange and mysterious!


After thinking to himself, Yu Xiao began to carry Guan Xiang to the secret chamber on his back. “Guan Xiang, I already told you to eat less. With this weight of yours, won’t I die from exhaustion by the time we reach the secret chamber?”


In the meantime, Su Xi-er had already reached the front door. The street was still silent, with no sign of horses to be seen or heard. Good, Wei Mohai hasn’t arrived yet. With the difference in numbers, I can only hope to fight him with wits.


The Literary Association was located in a desolate street, but there were still a few families living in the vicinity. Looking around, Su Xi-er found a shop with a small house next to it. The door to the shop was old and decrepit, making it easy to kick in. Seeing that it was also filled with straw through one of its windows, Su Xi-er began to have an idea.


Su Xi-er understood Yun Ruofeng’s intentions. He plans to secretly exterminate the Literary Association. However, as long as his plan is exposed, he’ll be forced to pull back for the time being.


Meeting Wei Mohai head-on would be hard, but preventing him from keeping the deed a secret is very simple.


Su Xi-er swiftly entered the Literary Association’s outer chamber and happened to see Yu Xiao walking out and waving his hand to stop her. “Miss, you should immediately leave since you have no relation to the Literary Association.”


“Why would I be here if I am unrelated. You must know that even if you’re good enough to beat Wei Mohai, he’s bringing an entire group of soldiers.”


Yu Xiao chuckled. “I have a mystical object.” He took out a small pouch from his waist and swayed it in front of Su Xi-er’s eyes. “As someone who likes to research medication, I secretly stole a few herbs from the drug store, and mixed them to form a medicine that causes people to faint. I didn’t expect that it would come in handy today.”  


Su Xi-er nodded and softly replied, “You can try and see if it’s useful.”


“Oh, you don’t believe me?” Yu Xiao walked out of the Literary Association.

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