The old uncle shook his head. “I also find it strange, but that young lady doesn’t look like someone simple. It’s best that you go and take a look.” The old uncle then moved out of the way for Guan Xiang.


Guan Xiang nodded. “I’ll go right now.”


Soon, Su Xi-er saw Guan Xiang coming to the main hall, dressed in his navy blue robes. She had seen him once when she was still Ning Rulan, and the old man had remained the same until now, right down to the design of his clothes.


When Su Xi-er saw him, she took out the letter in her sleeve and passed it to him. “Guan Xiang, take a look at this letter.”


Guan Xiang didn’t understand, but took the letter anyways, reading the four words written on the front of it - ‘Addressed to Guan Xiang.’ The handwriting was practiced, and held a certain charm to it.


Recognising at a glance that the letter was from Grand Tutor Liu had, his expression instantly became serious. He looked towards Su Xi-er as he opened the letter. “Did Grand Tutor Liu send you here?”


He took out the letter and skimmed through it, his eyes filled with incredulity. The more he read, the graver his expression became, turning from astonishment to pity, before finally becoming silent.


He clutched onto the letter tightly. The handwriting in this letter belongs to Grand Tutor Liu. No one can imitate it. To think that Grand Tutor Liu has been bestowed death by a cup of poison wine from Prince Yun! Even though Grand Tutor Liu holds a revered position in the literary world, Prince Yun could still kill him just like that!


This is really bitterly disappointing, and is enough to cause all of the literati to become disillusioned.


Seeing him standing motionless, Su Xi-er slowly reminded, “Quickly instruct everyone in the establishment to head towards the secret chamber. Prince Yun’s people will be here very soon.”


Guan Xiang was stunned. This is the calamity she previously mentioned. He pondered for a moment before turning to the old uncle. “Go and sound the bell right away. Everyone is to head towards the secret chamber immediately.”


A trace of fear flashed across the old uncle’s eyes before he left to gather the others.


The Literary Association was humongous, and was the place where scholars congregated, especially during the state banquet.


Suddenly, Guan Xiang thought of something as he watched the old uncle watchman disappear in the distance. How does this young lady know that there’s a secret chamber in the Literary Association?! Guan Xiang’s guard was immediately raised, his tone suddenly changing to one of suspicion as he spoke. “Miss, you seem to be very familiar with the Literary Association. Who exactly are you?”


Su Xi-er answered in a steady manner. “Grand Tutor Liu was loyal to His Majesty until the end, even going as far as sacrificing his life. Grand Tutor Liu and I are the same in this aspect; we are willing to do anything if it’s for the sake of His Majesty, for the Ning Imperial household, and for Nanzhao.”


Her tone was calm, but solemn. Guan Xiang clenched the letter tightly before stowing it away.


When the bell sounded, all the scholars in the Literary Association jumped. It would sound every time there was a major event, but... The state banquet is supposed to be when it’s the most peaceful, so why is the bell sounding this late at night?


Everyone headed to the main hall, forming a mass of black.


The old uncle watchman slapped his thigh. “There’s one person missing ー Yu Xiao! He likes drinking, and hasn’t come back until now.”


Guan Xiang waved his hand. “We won’t wait for him. Everyone, head for the secret chamber. It’s an emergency, so I will explain later.”


Everyone instantly became serious and followed the old uncle to the secret chamber.


Su Xi-er turned to Guan Xiang. “You should go too. Leave this place for me to handle.”


“I will live and die together with the Literary Association. Many thanks for passing on the news, Miss.” Worry was etched across Guan Xiang’s face. Why does Yu Xiao have to be out drinking now of all times?! 


“I can handle the situation, but the only person who will be able to explain to all the scholars will be you. As long as we survive this night, you’ll be able to gather all the literati and submit memorials to crusade against Prince Yun.” Su Xi-er spoke slowly, driving home her point. She knew that if Yun Ruofeng wasn’t successful tonight, he would have to make preparations for an impeachment.


Guan Xiang felt that what she said made a lot of sense. If Yun Ruofeng dispatches people here, can she really deal with it?


“There isn’t much time left, so you should hurry and leave. Grand Tutor Liu’s death wasn’t an accident, and Prince Yun knows exactly what would happen if the Literary Association finds out about it. He is sure to lay his hands on the Literary Association to prevent anything from happening, and with everybody being asleep this late at night, it is his best chance to act.”


Suddenly, the main door of the Literary Association was pushed open, revealing a young man who staggered in with a wine pot.


Dressed in greenish-blue robes, his hair was casually let loose, and a trace of laziness could be observed from his visage.

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