Wei Mohai bowed and replied with an affirmative before turning to leave, only to come back after taking a few steps. “Prince Yun, Grand Tutor Liu has a revered position in the literary world. If we burn the Liu Residence, the Literary Association...”


He raised his head to observe Yun Ruofeng’s expression. Since we have already made a move on Grand Tutor Liu, we have to take care of the Literary Association as well. Leaving them alone will only cause problems in the future.


“We’ll get rid of the Literary Association tonight. If we leave it until tomorrow, some complications will definitely arise.” Yun Ruofeng’s tone was placid, but his words were extremely brutal.


“This subordinate obeys the order.” Wei Mohai bowed deferentially before heading off.


Tonight is destined to be anything but calm. Although the state banquet is still ongoing, there are some matters that must be dealt with.


Finally alone, the air of gentleness that always surrounded Yun Ruofeng disappeared, replaced with a cold look. His gaze was fixed on the surface of the river, the cold wind causing ripples to appear on the otherwise pristine surface.


Sometimes, you have to be willing to sacrifice something in order to get ahead. Yun Ruofeng relaxed his clenched fists and walked onto the boat. Inside his room, Ning Anlian had already removed her outer garment, and was lying on the bed.




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er had already arrived at the Literary Association, but the entrance was shut tight. She looked up to the second floor and spotted the faint flicker of a candle.


She knocked on the door, but there was no response from within the association. She had to try a few more times before an old uncle with grizzled hair opened the door.


The old uncle’s voice was hoarse, and he had a hunched back. He only glanced at Su Xi-er for a moment before speaking. “Miss, it’s already late at night. The Literary Association has already been closed for a long time. Please come back tomorrow.”


The old uncle then tried to close the door, only for Su Xi-er to hold it open with a serious expression. “I have important matters to discuss with Guan Xiang.”


The old uncle was taken aback for a moment. Guan Xiang is the person who holds the highest position in the Literary Association, and is responsible for running the establishment. And yet, this young lady is requesting to meet him the moment she arrives.


“It’s late at night, and everyone is already resting. Miss, you should come again tomorrow.”


Su Xi-er put some more strength into the hand that was holding open the door, forcing the old uncle to retreat a few steps. He could only watch as Su Xi-er walked in, each step filled with solemnity.


Only then did the old uncle give some respect to Su Xi-er. “Miss, why are you looking for Guan Xiang?”


“I’ll meet him in the main hall. Tell him that the Literary Association is going to face a calamity very soon.” Su Xi-er spoke quickly before heading towards the main hall.


The old uncle’s breath hitched. Given how she already knows where the main hall is, it can be said that this young lady is familiar with the Literary Association. The confidence in her stride is another indicator of this. Yet despite being the watchman of the Literary Association, I have no previous impression of this young lady. Putting his doubts aside for now, he hastily went to look for Guan Xiang.


There was no prime minister in Nanzhao, leaving Yun Ruofeng in charge of all six ministries and their functions. Guan Xiang was a man past 50, and was a very close friend of Grand Tutor Liu.


There was no disparity in status or formalities between literati, so the old uncle watchman stopped directly in front of his room before knocking and calling his name.


“Guan Xiang, a young lady is looking for you. She says that if you don’t go, the Literary Association will face a catastrophe.”


Guan Xiang was reading a book on rites in his room. When he heard the old uncle’s words, he immediately placed his book down and went to open the door. “We scholars have no conflict with the outside world, nor do we participate in the struggle for power. Why would we face a disaster?”

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Rakumon


“We scholars have no conflict with the outside world, nor do we participate in the struggle for power. Why would we face a disaster?”

Rakumon: Because there's Yun Ruofeng = =