Ning Anlian’s voice grew steadily louder, until she was screaming madly by the end of her sentence. However, Yun Ruofeng only looked on calmly, without a trace of warmth and joy that they had previously shared on the bed.


“Anlian, you didn’t think about the big picture. Don’t mention Ning Rulan in front of this Prince. This Prince doesn’t want to think about her again. Don’t worry about the deal that was made tonight; this Prince will not send you to the Imperial Mausoleum.” Yun Ruofeng spoke slowly, his aura as gentle as usual.


“You don’t want others mentioning Ning Rulan because you are jealous of her! You are jealous of her talent in governing, and of her ability to command people. No matter what you did, you weren’t able to invite that hidden craftsman, but Ning Rulan managed to have him design the floating platform. She also managed to garner a lot of respect at last year’s state banquet, but now they are laughing at this Princess and saying that I cannot measure up to her. However, Prince Yun, don’t you think that the one they’re really laughing at is you?!”


Ning Anlian voice was sharp, slowly approaching Yun Ruofeng as she spoke.


I hate his gentle aura; I want to destroy it! But when she saw that there was not a trace of annoyance on Yun Ruofeng’s face, she gave up.


“Anlian, your words are showing that you care less and less about your position. You are the Eldest Imperial Princess, but now you are acting crazy, foolish, and naive. If you continue this…” Yun Ruofeng only stared at her silently, not finishing his sentence.


“If I continue, then what? You’ll watch me be sent to the Imperial Mausoleum? I cannot bear you a child, but there are countless women who want to have your children! With your high and might status, you don’t need me!” Ning Anlian felt more hopeless than she ever had before, the sense of loss growing greater the more she vented.


Yun Ruofeng suddenly walked up and took her into his arms before gently patting her back. “Don’t think so much. This Prince doesn’t like women who are too capable, let her thoughts run wild, or complain too much. Even if a deal was made, this Prince will still protect you so you won’t be sent to the Imperial Mausoleum.”


Ning Anlian’s felt her dead heart being lit up again after hearing this. “Don’t lie to me; when will you marry me?”


Yun Ruofeng looked at her and replied after a while. “After three years.”


“I still need to wait for three years? I have waited so long, I can’t wait anymore.” Ning Anlian’s expression was worried as she felt no sense of security. I am scared, scared that he is heartless, and that he only loves himself.


“In two years, His Majesty will be 18. The court will change, and I will need to handle that important period. A year later, after the situation has stabilised, this Prince will marry you.”


Ning Anlian looked at him. “Feng, you want to be the Emperor?”


Yun Ruofeng’s hand that was on her shoulder froze, some hesitation clearly present. Shortly after, he replied quietly. “We don’t know what the future holds, so we just need to hold onto what we have for now. As for the Emperor’s position, it depends on the skills of His Majesty. His personality is impulsive, so he will seize the power the moment he becomes an adult.”


Ning Anlian stared at him with a deep gaze. She had suddenly realised that Yun Ruofeng had a lot of ambition. He wants to take the imperial power from His Majesty, and change the imperial household’s name to Yun.


At this moment, outside the room, Wei Mohai’s respectful voice could be heard. “Prince Yun.”


Yun Ruofeng planted a kiss on Ning Anlian’s forehead. “Rest early.” He then walked towards the door.


Ning Anlian raised her hand to grab ahold of him, but could only watch as the hem of his sleeves slipped through her fingers.


Outside the door, Wei Mohai reported softly. “Prince Yun, Qin Ling has delivered the message that Grand Tutor Liu is already dead. Lady Liu also ended her own life by banging her head against the wall. As for his ten year-old daughter, she has disappeared.”


Yun Ruofeng nodded, his gentle aura unchanged. “Tell them to burn down the Liu Residence. Don’t leave any of his servants alive.”


“Should we search for Grand Tutor Liu’s daughter?”


Yun Ruofeng looked at the surface of the river calmly. “No need to find her, we’ll spare his daughter’s life.”

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon


Ning Anlian’s felt her dead heart being lit up again after hearing this.

Lunarlark: How, he's literally telling you that he likes you because you're dumb…


I am scared, scared that he is heartless, and that he only loves himself.


Sangria: I kind of hope that Liu Yinyin will be the one who kills Yun Ruofeng.