A pained look appeared in Su Xi-er’s eyes as she took in the sight of Feng Changqing’s face. To have a face as disfigured as this… how did he bear such pain? Chu Linglong, someone with similarly alluring looks, would have definitely rather died than become like this. Feng Changqing, how are you still alive…?


When she thought of this, Su Xi-er’s eyes became damp. Rising a hand to gently touch the scars on his face, she slowly opened her mouth and called out his name. “Feng Changqing.”


The words were like needles to the heart, and her voice was full of sympathy.


A glint of elation flickered across Feng Changqing’s eyes. It’s really the Eldest Imperial Princess! Everyone thought she was dead, but who could’ve known that she would reincarnate in another body.


He didn’t think that he would be so surprised and jubilated. Even someone like him, who had never cried before this moment, couldn’t help the soundless tears dripping down his face.


The gentle teardrops fell onto Su Xi-er’s fingers before she raised an arm to gently wipe them away. “Feng Changqing, your face, was it…”


Before she could finish, Feng Changqing interrupted her. “Eldest Imperial Princess, this subordinate never liked my coquettish face; it may as well be disfigured.” His emotions were wild, and he couldn’t care less about his looks at this moment. To me, the fact that the Eldest Imperial Princess is alive is already a gift from the heavens.


I am only alive because I have sworn to take revenge for her. I didn’t expect that she would be standing in front of me with a different face. Despite that, her aura and tone are the same as before.


“I am no longer the Eldest Imperial Princess, and you are no longer my subordinate. We are equal, so you don’t need to be so respectful to me.” Su Xi-er dropped her hand and put the blue veil back for him.


He looked at her with bright eyes, as if he was afraid that this was a dream, and that the Eldest Imperial Princess would disappear if he blinked.


“No matter what you say, you are still this subordinate’s Eldest Imperial Princess. This subordinate cannot forget your kindness. If it weren’t for you, this subordinate would have died in the army barracks a long time ago.” Feng Changqing’s eyes were full of respect, immediately kowtowing as he spoke.


“This subordinate didn’t know that you were the Eldest Imperial Princess, and was disrespectful. Please forgive me.”


Su Xi-er immediately helped him up. “Feng Changqing, I am currently Su Xi-er, and not Ning Rulan. You are acting too formally this way. You should hurry and get up.”


Feng Changqing had originally remained motionless on the ground. It was only when he heard Su Xi-er’s order that he stood up.


Once again, he bowed to Su Xi-er. “Eldest Imperial Princess, you still have 400 soldiers who were previously under you. This subordinates has already trained them to become sacrificial soldiers. From now on, they will follow your orders.”


Su Xi-er nodded. My previous subordinates were all soldiers that fought alongside me during the war. There were 10,000 elite soldiers in all; now, there are only 400 of them left.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, when you were locked in the jail, Miss Lü Liu had carefully laid out a plan. This subordinate was waiting at the imperial palace side door, but was unexpectedly surrounded by Yun Ruofeng. With far fewer people, this subordinate was at a severe disadvantage. Several days later, Yun Ruofeng began killing the 10,000 soldiers until finally, there were only 400 of us left.” Feng Changqing’s voice grew colder with every word that left his mouth.


The chilly evening wind blew past them, spreading a desolate feeling of loss among the pair. Su Xi-er could imagine her previous subordinates fighting to the death in a bloody mess. They all fought bravely during the war, only to die by the hand of someone they all respected, Yun Ruofeng!


“Eldest Imperial Princess…”

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