As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to hold Yinyin.


Su Xi-er thought about it carefully. It would be difficult for me to take care of Liu Yinyin once I return to Beimin.


“Imperial Elder Sister, I will take good care of her and treat her like a younger sister.”


Su Xi-er nodded and passed Liu Yinyin over to him. “Lianchen, I still have some important things to do, so I can’t stay for long. What I can say is that you must be patient; it will be hard to handle Yun Ruofeng.”


“I will remember. Don’t worry,” Ning Lianchen assured.


Su Xi-er gave a nod of affirmation and started walking forward. At this moment, Ning Lianchen suddenly asked, “When will you return to Beimin, and when will you be back? As for Prince Hao, you…”


Su Xi-er turned around. “Lianchen, the next time I’m back will be the day of Yun Ruofeng’s demise. Although I won’t be in Nanzhao, I have my ways. You should attack from inside the court, and leave the outside to me. After all, you will soon have a certain amount of power afforded to you as well.”


After she finished talking, Su Xi-er walked away.


Ning Lianchen was frozen to the spot. Some of my own power. He lowered his head to look at Liu Yinyin. This power was bought with Grand Tutor Liu’s death. Yinyin, don’t be scared. Since this Emperor has promised Grand Tutor Liu, you can rest assured that you will not have a worry in this lifetime. When you become an adult, this Emperor will find you a good husband.


Ning Lianchen picked Liu Yinyin and gave the Liu Residence a final look before starting to head back to the Dragon Boat. Once there, he laid her down on a bed and covered her up with a blanket, afraid that she may catch a cold.


Just when the quilt had covered her, Liu Yinyin kicked it away and started to sleep talk. “Daddy, Daddy, can you not stay with His Majesty? Yinyin misses you. His Majesty is a bad man! He snatched Daddy away from me.”


Liu Yinyin had several drops of tears trickling down from her eyes, letting out a few more sobs before she finally quieted down and went back to sleep.


Ning Lianchen’s expression froze. I… I did take Liu Yinyin’s father away… I am the one who owes her more than anything.




Meanwhile, Su Xi-er was taking the letter to the Literary Association, the most popular gathering place for scholars in the capital city. Grand Tutor Liu was a rare leading authority in the literary world.


However, she realised that someone was following her before long. Intentionally feigning ignorance, she turned into an alley on the side.


After entering the alley, she noticed that the footsteps behind her growing louder and louder. When she saw a slender shadow appear on the ground in front of her, she turned around and raised her hand to strike whoever was behind her.


Just as she was about to hit the person behind her, Su Xi-er paused her movements. Standing in front of her was… the man in blue.


The man’s face was solemn as he silently stared at her face.


Su Xi-er also looked at him. How mysterious, every time he appears, I feel a sense of familiarity.


He is...


The man in blue had heard the entire conversation between Ning Lianchen and Su Xi-er, causing him to be greatly confused. Why did Ning Lianchen call her Imperial Elder Sister? The two were even plotting on how to deal with Prince Yun. This woman, who is she exactly…?


“What a coincidence; we always meet each other by accident. Tell me, what is your name?” Su Xi-er’s face was solemn, and her voice was full of authority.


The man in blue was stunned. He thought about the few moves he had exchanged with her previously, and the fact that Ning Lianchen called her his Imperial Elder Sister!


“Why did Ning Lianchen call you Imperial Elder Sister? In his eyes, and in private, there is only one person who is worthy of the title.” His eyes lit up with a vague hope as he continued without waiting for a response.


“Can someone who has died survive in another person’s body?” He seemed unsure if he was asking Su Xi-er, or asking himself.


Su Xi-er looked at him calmly before her gaze slowly turned to the veil on the man’s face. Suddenly, she raised her hand to remove it.


This time, the man in blue didn’t dodge, and let her lift up his veil.


A face full of deep and frightening scars was revealed.

Immediately, Su Xi-er recalled Grand Tutor Liu’s words. Severely wounded and disfigured.

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