Liu Yinyin tugged Su Xi-er’s sleeves and asked, “Miss Fairy, where are we going? It’s dark outside, and Yinyin is scared.” Having said that, her small body moved even closer to Su Xi-er.


“Don’t be scared, Yinyin. It’s dark now so I will take you out to eat candy tomorrow.” Su Xi-er caressed Yinyin’s head.


“Miss Fairy will protect Yinyin. I want to go see sugar figures and eat Chinese hawthorn candy. Mum doesn’t allow me to eat too much candy because she thinks it will rot my teeth. I won’t look good in the future if that happens.” Liu Yinyin smiled as she talked.


Su Xi-er grabbed her hand and spoke softly as they walked forward.


“Miss Fairy, do you know His Majesty? Why did Daddy stay in the imperial palace with him for so long? Mummy told me that in five years, I will be fifteen years old, and it will be time to think about finding a husband. Since His Majesty is sixteen, can’t he just find imperial consorts to stay with him?” Liu Yinyin complained again, feeling that it was unfair for her father to spend more time with the Emperor than with his own daughter.


Su Xi-er laughed. “Men are different from women. A woman becomes an adult at the age of 15, but a man only becomes an adult after they turn 18. His Majesty will need to wait until he is at least 18 before he can take in imperial consorts.”


When Su Xi-er thought of this, her eyes became distant. Lianchen will be taking in imperial consorts in two years. Once he is 18 years old, he will need to reclaim his imperial power.


The two continued to walk for a short time before a man appeared in front of them. Su xi-er focused her eyes in the dim light of evening and managed to recognise who it was. It’s Lianchen, he’s here. To her, Lianchen had already grown a lot; he was even taller than herself.


Ning Lianchen froze for a second when he saw Su Xi-er. Why is Imperial Elder Sister here, and who is the girl next to her? Could it be that Imperial Elder Sister guessed that something would happen to Grand Tutor Liu and came to pick up his daugher?


Ning Lianchen walked over to Su Xi-er. When he saw that no one was around them, he opened his mouth softly called out, “Imperial Elder Sister.”


Su Xi-er nodded and patted Liu Yinyin’s head. “This is Grand Tutor Liu’s daughter, Liu Yinyin. As for Grand Tutor Liu himself…” She didn’t continue, but Ning Lianchen understood the rest.


Ning Lianchen’s expression changed and his fists tightened. I couldn’t protect Grand Tutor Liu. I can’t believe that Yun Ruofeng acted so quickly; was it...


“Yinyin, I will take you out to eat candy tomorrow. Come, I will bring you back to your room to rest.” Su Xi-er raised her hand slowly and pressed her finger on Liu Yinyin’s sleeping acupoint.


The acupoint of a ten-year-old girl was very sensitive, and Liu Yinyin’s eyes drooped immediately after it was pressed.


Only then did Su Xi-er open her mouth to tell the truth. “Yun Ruofeng acted too fast. Grand Tutor Liu was already forced to drink a cup of poisoned wine when he had just left the main hall of the Dragon Boat. When I arrived, the poison had already spread deep inside his body.”


Ning Lianchen’s gaze flickered as a bitter feeling arose in his heart. Grand Tutor Liu was both a tutor and a strict father to me. Now, he has died for me.


Grand Tutor Liu had already drunk the poisoned wine before he waited for me outside of the Dragon Boat. He chose to use what little time he had left to wait for me... Ning Lianchen felt very uneasy.


“Lianchen, Imperial Elder Sister is here. If you want to cry, then cry.” Su Xi-er raised her hand and gently patted his shoulder.


Ning Lianchen waved his hand. “Imperial Elder Sister, I will be 18 in two years. No matter how sad I am, I am not allowed to cry. Grand Tutor Liu had asked me to look after his daughter, and I will care for her. Leave Yinyin to me.”

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