“Alright then, we’ll come again tomorrow.” Liu Yinyin lowered her voice, afraid that she would wake up her father. Before she left, she purposely winked at Su Xi-er.


Only after Liu Yinyin left did Lady Liu finally let her tears fall. She looked at Su Xi-er and remarked, “Miss, Yinyin likes you very much.”


Lady Liu suddenly knelt down. “Miss, as Prince Hao’s maidservant, Prince Yun won’t do anything to you. Since Senior Master is already gone, I wish to follow him. The feelings between us are deep, and have merged into our blood. I can’t possibly live on without him, so please don’t try to convince me otherwise. Miss, I can only beg you to take care of Yinyin.”


Su Xi-er immediately supported Lady Liu up, but when she saw the latter’s hopeless gaze, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to change her mind. Feelings this deep will follow you until the day you die.


Finally, Su Xi-er nodded. “I promise you.”


Lady Liu nodded and took one glance in the direction of her daughter’s room before entering the study.


Creak. The room door closed, and the inside was absolutely silent.


Su Xi-er clutched the letter in her sleeve very tightly as she slowly walked forward. A moment later, she heard a loud bang sound from within the study, followed by silence.


Lady Liu has smashed her head against the wall and died, leaving together with Grand Tutor Liu. He has used his death to make this letter much more meaningful.


Su Xi-er raised her head to look at the bright moon. Don’t worry; to have the courage to leave in such a manner… I respect you.


Afterwards, Su Xi-er walked towards Liu Yinyin’s boudoir.


Liu Yinyin hadn’t slept, and was sitting on a chair as she listened to her wet nurse’s storytelling. The wet nurse was the old woman who had brought Liu Yinyin back to her room.


When the wet nurse caught sight of Su Xi-er, she understood that Lady Liu had already passed, and was barely able to keep her tears from spilling out. She knew that the young lady in front of her had come to take the Young Miss away.


“Yinyin,” Su Xi-er softly called.


Liu Yinyin smiled, and immediately jumped up from the chair. “Fairy, did Daddy ask you to play with me?”


“That’s right, Grand Tutor Liu instructed me to take you out to eat candy.”


“Candy? But why isn’t it Daddy taking me out?”

Su Xi-er crouched down and poked her nose. “Your Daddy is too busy, and has to head back to the imperial palace early tomorrow morning. After a while though, he will be able to leave and continue accompanying you at home.”


Upon hearing that, Liu Yinyin smiled. “Daddy will be able to keep accompanying me after a period of time? That’s great! Since His Majesty is much older than me, he won’t need others to accompany him, so Daddy can stay with me! Miss Fairy, when are we going out to eat candy?”


Su Xi-er pulled her hand, and instructed the wet nurse, “Take some of Yinyin’s clothes and pack them up properly. I’ll take them with me.”


The wet nurse understood and immediately went to pack.


Liu Yinyin was puzzled. “Why are you taking my clothes? Fairy, are you taking me far away? I have to tell Mum if that’s the case, otherwise, she’ll worry if she doesn’t see me.”


Liu Yinyin still didn’t know that both of her parents had already passed on.


“Your mother has already agreed to it. What, does Yinyin not want to go out and play?” Su Xi-er was all smiles as she spoke softly.


Liu Yinyin pondered over it for a while before finally nodding. “I want to go out and play. If Fairy Elder Sister has already told them, then it just saves some time.”


At this moment, the wet nurse walked out from the inner chamber with a cloth bundle, and passed it to Su Xi-er. “These are the Young Miss’ clothes.”


There are a total of 12 sets, four each for the four seasons.


Su Xi-er took it, then proceeded to hold Liu Yinyin’s hand as they headed out.


Liu Yinyin waved to her wet nurse. “Wet Nurse, tell Daddy tomorrow that I don’t blame him for going to the imperial palace. Once he has settled everything, he’ll finally be able to come home and play with me!”


The more Liu Yinyin thought about it, the happier she became. At last, she followed Su Xi-er out of the Liu Residence.


As the two of them exited the Liu Residence, Su Xi-er noticed a figure in blue robes. However, she only saw them for a moment before they disappeared.

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