Grand Tutor Liu’s expression suddenly changed after his brief outburst. “I didn’t think that I wouldn’t even be able to hold on for four hours. Eldest Imperial Princess, please close the room door so that Yinyin can’t come in.”


Understanding his circumstances, she immediately closed the door.


Grand Tutor Liu’s complexion started to turn green, and his breathing became unsteady. Desperately clinging to his last breath, he passed the letter to Su Xi-er. “Eldest Imperial Princess, pass this letter to the Literary Association, and crusade against Prince Yun!”


His expression became sorrowful. “Prince Yun is ruthless and cunning, leaving many dead by his hand. Eldest Imperial Princess… he must be exterminated.”


Grand Tutor Liu’s breathing became increasingly unstable. “Eldest Imperial Princess, your former subordinate, Feng Changqing, he...isn’t dead. Prince Yun failed when trying to assassinate him. Although he is disfigured and severely wounded, he is still alive. Eldest Imperial Princess, you must go find Feng Changqing...” He had to speak the last words through gritted teeth.


Su Xi-er went forward to grab his hands. “Grand Tutor Liu, thank you for telling me this.”


Feng Changqing, I remember him. He was an unremarkable soldier under me in the past. He had a pitiful background, and his appearance was just as feminine as Chu Linglong’s. It was this appearance that caused him to suffer much verbal abuse when he entered the army.


Grand Tutor Liu was currently at the brink of death. At this moment, a knock on the door sounded, and Liu Yinyin’s crisp voice could be heard. “Daddy, Yinyin has come. I haven’t seen Daddy in such a long time. Quickly open the door Daddy, Yinyin wants to eat sweets.”


The corner of Grand Tutor Liu’s lips raised, but he was unable to utter a single word as he opened his mouth helplessly. He pointed at the door and drew a circle, representing a sweet.


“Grand Tutor Liu, don’t worry; I will take good care of Yinyin.”


Grand Tutor Liu nodded. I can rest assured with the Eldest Imperial Princess around. He smiled as he closed his eyes, the greenish-purple hue fading from his visage. His face gradually returned to a rosy colour, as if he had died of natural causes.


Su Xi-er’s gaze darkened. Yun Ruofeng, to actually use a poison that’s forbidden in the palace, how ruthless!


The knocking on the door continued as Su Xi-er laid Grand Tutor Liu on the couch, stowing away his letter in her robes before opening the door.


Liu Yinyin was 10 years old and extremely naive. When she saw Su Xi-er, she smiled. “Mummy, I saw a fairy.”


Lady Liu looked towards the study. The moment she spotted Grand Tutor Liu lying motionlessly on the soft couch, she felt her heart die. But with her daughter beside her, she could only force herself to smile.


“Yinyin, Daddy is tired from handling some important matters in the imperial palace, and needs to rest. Why don’t you come to visit your Daddy tomorrow instead?”


Liu Yinyin saw Grand Tutor Liu lying on the soft couch and genuinely thought that he had fallen asleep. No matter how much she missed her father, she still didn’t wish to disturb his rest.


Hence, she pouted. “I’ll listen to Mum and won’t disturb Daddy. I’ll come visit him again tomorrow, but Mum, how long is Daddy going to stay this time? I haven’t seen him in months, but he keeps staying with His Majesty, even though I am younger than His Majesty. When Yinyin mentioned the emperor, her discontent was clear.


Su Xi-er watched Liu Yinyin’s pure and sincere smiling countenance. If she finds out that her father is already dead, she...


Lady Liu caressed her daughter’s head and turned to the old servant beside her. “Take Yinyin away.”


The old servant heard the sorrowful tone in her words, but when she saw the Young Miss still smiling, she also felt pain in her heart.


“Yes, Lady. Young Miss, please follow this old servant into the room. We’ll come and visit Senior Master again tomorrow.”

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