The servant was terrified by the cold and frosty aura emanating from Su Xi-er, and could only open the entrance doors with shaky hands.


Su Xi-er entered promptly and headed straight for the Liu Residence's main hall, but Grand Tutor Liu wasn't there.


Just as she was about to move on, a crowd of servants flooded out from all directions, surrounding Su Xi-er.


Without allowing Su Xi-er a chance to speak, a servant immediately raised the cudgel in his hand and swung it at her. Su Xi-er leaned to one side, dodging his strike before kicking him down.


Soon, even Lady Liu appeared in the main hall and looked at Su Xi-er with a frosty glare. "Even a female subordinate of Prince Yun is so powerful. Prince Yun has already given my husband poisoned wine and agreed to give him four hours. Now he can’t even spare those four hours, and wants to silence him immediately?"


Shock filled Su Xi-er's eyes. "Grand Tutor Liu drank the poisoned wine?"


The pain in Lady Liu's eyes was apparent before she became doubtful. "If you aren’t working for Prince Yun, then who are you?"


"Prince Hao's maidservant, Su Xi-er. Where is Grand Tutor Liu? I have a way to save him!"


Hearing Su Xi-er words, Lady Liu was reminded about the incident where Prince Hao's maidservant lambasted the Wei Miss' on the streets. Deciding to cling to this last piece of hope, Lady Liu dropped her suspicions and brought Su Xi-er to the study. "Miss, do you really have a way to save Senior Master? Senior Master is writing a letter in the study. Even right before his death, he is still thinking of His Majesty." Lady Liu couldn't help but wipe her tears as she spoke. If Senior Master is to pass on, I shall follow suit. Even if I can't bear to leave my daughter, I can't bear to leave Senior Master more.


Lady Liu and Grand Tutor Liu had known each other since they were young, and were childhood sweethearts. For his entire life, Lady Liu was his only woman. Even if she couldn’t give birth to a son, and had only borne him a daughter when she was forty years of age, Grand Tutor Liu didn’t abandon her, nor did he get a concubine.


Su Xi-er immediately pushed open the doors of the study once they arrived, not bothering to knock as Lady Liu trailed behind.


Grand Tutor Liu had just finished drafting his letter, and was slightly startled upon seeing Su Xi-er. I never thought that Prince Hao's maidservant would appear!


"Grand Tutor Liu, please lie down and let me have a look." Su Xi-er had been struck by a deadly poison in her previous life. The imperial physicians were at their wit’s end, and in the end, she had learned a method from an old folk physician to cure herself.


This time, she wanted to try the method that she had learned.


"Lady Liu, bring a small knife to let out the poisonous blood."


Just then, Grand Tutor Liu waved his hand. "No need; the poison will take effect in another hour. This old official can't help His Majesty by being alive. Only my death will deal a huge blow to Prince Yun!"


Lady Liu couldn't help but whimper. "Senior Master…"


Grand Tutor Liu had already made up his mind. Only my death would incite the literary scholars to start a crusade against Prince Yun. I know that it won’t be enough to flip the boat, but the crusade by the literati will be a huge blow against Prince Yun. At the very least, Prince Yun won’t be able to do anything to Ning Lianchen in a short period of time. In fact, he would be forced to give up some power to His Majesty to weather the storm.


As to how this power is used, it would be up to His Majesty from now on.


Grand Tutor Liu ignored Su Xi-er and spoke to Lady Liu directly. "Is Yinyin asleep? Carry her over to me lightly. I can no longer walk with the poison in my body."


Lady Liu couldn't stop her tears from flowing and nodded repeatedly. She then turned and headed out of the study to retrieve her daughter.


In the study, Su Xi-er was deeply moved as she gazed at the man in front of her. "Grand Tutor Liu, you have given up too much for Nanzhao."


Grand Tutor Liu's eyes darkened. Perhaps because he was near death, he had even more penetrating insight when he looked at others now.


Su Xi-er was staring straight into Grand Tutor Liu’s eyes. She was using her eyes and her disposition, to let him know of her true identity.


Suddenly, Grand Tutor Liu was struck by a shocking revelation. If not for the fact that he couldn’t move his legs, he would have taken a few steps back. His words were unsteady as he uttered. “Eldest… Imperial Princess?”


Su Xi-er nodded. "Grand Tutor Liu, you have suffered many hardships in this lifetime. Neither Lianchen, nor I, will ever forget you."


"Eldest Imperial Princess, it's really you!" Grand Tutor Liu started laughing heartily all of a sudden, "It's heaven’s blessing for Nanzhao! It's heaven’s blessing for Nanzhao! Prince Yun would never expect that you actually lived on in this manner! Eldest Imperial Princess…"

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