“Oh? Now that you mention it, it really does look like her. Tsk tsk, the princess isn’t thankful at all after asking Prince Hao’s maidservant to dance in her stead, but is instead acting so arrogantly.” Many people’s gazes turned to Ning Anlian with varying degrees of spite and disdain.


The gentle smile on Yun Ruofeng’s face was gone. The cat is completely out of the bag. Ning Anlian shouldn’t have come here.


Therefore, Yun Ruofeng looked at Wei Mohai and immediately instructed, “The Eldest Imperial Princess doesn’t feel well; please send her back to her repose palace to rest, and ask the Imperial Physician to take a look at her.”


Ning Anlian immediately raised her hand and interrupted. “This Princess is feeling very well. There is no need to call for the Imperial Physician!” She then turned her head to look at Su Xi-er. “Take off that dangling ornament and give it to this Princess. It is an accessory from this Princess’ Imperial Mother!”


Su Xi-er sneered to herself. Ning Anlian really is shameless to be able to say something like that. I am extremely clear on who this ornament belongs to!


It was Emperor Father and Empress Mother’s token of love! Before Empress Mother passed away, she gave me the dangling ornament and asked me to keep it safe.


Su Xi-er showed a trace of a smile and purposely raised her hand to stroke the ornament in her hair. “Eldest Imperial Princess, what has been given cannot be taken back. This has nothing to do with you. Not to mention, this dangling ornament never belonged to you in the first place.”


Before Ning Anlian could reply, Ning Lianchen answered, “This dangling ornament was the previous Eldest Imperial Princess’. Imperial Elder Sister liked it when she saw it, so she decided to keep it. Miss Xi-er is right. Imperial Elder Sister, this isn’t yours.”


“Your Majesty, this Princess can see that you treat Su Xi-er very differently.” There was an overtone in Ning Anlian’s words, and her eyes were full of coldness.


Yun Ruofeng gave Wei Mohai a look, prompting the latter to walk up before bowing. “Eldest Imperial Princess, please return to the repose palace since you aren’t feeling well.”


“This Princess will not return unless I get the dangling ornament.” Ning Anlian immediately headed towards Su Xi-er, reaching out a hand to snatch the ornament.


Su Xi-er easily dodged Ning Anlian’s grabbing motion, taking the opportunity to grab the latter’s wrist. She didn’t let go, only twisting it inwards.


Ning Anlian’s eyebrows furrowed in pain, and she bit her lips together tightly. I can’t lose the disposition of an Eldest Imperial Princess at the Dragon Boat Night Banquet, no matter how Su Xi-er treats me. No matter how much pain I am in, I can’t retreat a single step!


The resulting stalemate only had Su Xi-er twisting Ning Anlian’s wrist even harder, until the latter nearly bit through her lips.


Yun Ruofeng walked up and raised his hand to grab Su Xi-er’s wrist. “Miss Xi-er, if the Eldest Imperial Princess has done something wrong, this Prince will apologise to you.” He applied enough force so that Su Xi-er couldn’t continue twisting Ning Anlian’s wrist.


A woman’s strength couldn’t compete with a man’s, especially when that man was someone who had trained for years in the army like Yun Ruofeng.


Su Xi-er looked at him coldly and let Ning Anlian go. At the same time, she flung Yun Ruofeng’s hand off violently.


“Since when was it Prince Yun’s turn to discipline this Prince’s maidservant?” Pei Qianhao’s voice was ice-cold. At the same time, a wooden chopstick flew through the air with considerable force.


Bang! Suddenly, the white porcelain vase behind Yun Ruofeng fell to the floor.


For a wooden chopstick to contain enough force to shatter such a large porcelain vase..! A trace of fear could be seen in everyone’s eyes.


Pei Qianhao stood up from his seat and walked forward step by step. He raised his hand to hold Su Xi-er, pulling her towards his chest as he looked at Yun Ruofeng. “Even this Prince hasn’t hit her before, but Prince Yun has laid your hands on my maidservant. Tell this Prince, should someone be held responsible this time?”


Su Xi-er squirmed a bit in his arms, but stopped moving when she raised her head and saw the look in his eyes.


“Prince Hao, how do you want someone to be held responsible?” With a scene like this, tonight’s Dragon Boat Night Banquet has really been ruined.


The people who sat in the audience understood that Prince Hao and Prince Yun were going to be settling a personal matter, and that it wouldn’t be convenient for them to sit there and watch.


Pei Qianhao shot his icy cold gaze around the room and made everyone freeze.


Ning Lianchen opened his mouth at this moment. “The Dragon Boat Night Banquet ends here tonight. Apologies to everyone.” After that, he gestured for everyone to leave.

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Ning Anlian immediately headed towards Su Xi-er, reaching out a hand to snatch the ornament.

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