Ning Anlian was startled by Su Xi-er’s aura. When she saw the red dress that the latter was wearing, it dazzled her eyes. “The Wei Miss’ were not your enemies. Even if they were doing something bad, you shouldn’t have chided them. To make things worse, you did so in public in broad daylight, not even caring about their reputations...”


Before she could finish, she was interrupted by Su Xi-er. “It didn’t seem like the Wei Miss’ cared about their reputations. Eldest Imperial Princess, please make sure you know the situation before you talk.”


At this moment, Wei Guang suddenly opened his mouth. “Although my two daughters were stubborn, they never did anything evil. Why did you lambaste them on the streets? Besides, even if you didn’t kill them, this is still connected to you.”


After he finished talking, Wei Guang turned around and kowtowed towards Ning Lianchen and Prince Yun to pay his respects. “Your Majesty, Prince Yun, this peasant hopes that this case will be thoroughly investigated. The manager and the waiter at the Fortune Apricot House are honest and simple people. This peasant doesn’t believe that they were the ones who conspired to murder my daughters.”


Ning Anlian saw that it was the right time and opened her mouth again while maintaining an overbearing demeanor. “The Wei Miss’ had no relation to you, and rebuking them on the street is little more than sticking your nose into other people’s business!”


“Eldest Imperial Princess, it looks like you don’t know what the Wei Miss’ were saying. As Prince Hao’s maidservant, how could I have remained silent about the Wei Miss’ publically tarnishing his image?” Su Xi-er spoke in a calm and indifferent voice.


The corner of Pei Qianhao’s mouth lifted slightly. Su Xi-er scolded the Wei Miss’ because they said something that damaged my reputation. Interesting, I didn’t know about this.


Ning Lianchen took the opportunity to talk. “Landlord Wei, Prince Hao is an important official from Beimin. If the Wei Miss’ were slandering Prince Hao’s reputation, 10 planks could be considered a light punishment. However, should we be heavy-handed, their lives would have been the price.” His voice was full of authority, and it made Wei Guang involuntarily shake after hearing it.


“What could such weak little women have said that would damage Prince Hao’s reputation? How laughable!” Ning Anlian swung her sleeves and looked at Su Xi-er. “In conclusion, you are definitely connected to the deaths of the Wei Miss’!”


Unexpectedly, Pei Qianhao suddenly chuckled on the side in the face of this accusation. He leisurely took a sip of wine. “If you are going to go that far, then we must launch an investigation. However, this Prince has one sentence for you: I will accompany you until the end.”


His voice was cold and unsuppressed, bringing with it a devilishly arrogant aura.


Ning Anlian’s eyes suddenly narrowed as she stared at Pei Qianhao. Just as she was about to refute him, her hand was grabbed by Yun Ruofeng. He secretly signalled at her to stop talking.


However, the gesture was like a fire that completely lit Ning Anlian up. She looked at Su Xi-er in anger. “Take that dangling ornament off your head. Although His Majesty agreed to bestow it to you, this Princess didn’t agree. My things can only be awarded when I agree.”


Many of the leaders from other countries immediately began to shake their heads. Some even went as far as to express disapproval at Ning Anlian. “The Eldest Imperial Princess really doesn’t know how to look at the bigger picture. Even if she is unwilling to part with the dangling ornament, she should have asked for it to be returned while in private. After all, his Majesty already gifted it to someone else in front of all of us. It’s inappropriate for her to throw a tantrum and ask for it right now.”


“That’s right, she doesn’t care about the bigger picture. From what I can see, there’s no way she was the one dancing last night. In fact, the one whose figure matches last night’s performer more is Prince Hao’s maidservant!”

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