“Otherwise what?” The deep voice of a man could be heard ー it was Pei Qianhao. The wine cup in his hand shook gently, and his expression didn’t change. However, nobody could miss the subtle glint that flickered across his eyes as he stared into the cup.


Shortly after, Pei Qianhao raised his head and glanced at Ning Anlian.


Just one glance was sufficient to make Ning Anlian notice the oppressive air of authority and power emanating from him. Prince Hao’s aura is really… She froze in place, not understanding how to handle the situation.


When Yun Ruofeng saw that Pei Qianhao was involved, he stood up from his seat and slowly walked next to Ning Anlian. “Your injury must have gotten much better if you’re able to come here, but there’s no need to argue over a dangling ornament is there? Even without that jade green ornament, there are many more for the Eldest Imperial Princess to choose from.”


He looked at Ning Anlian as he spoke, signalling her to not mess around and understand the big picture.


A hurt look appeared in Ning Anlian’s eyes. Su Xi-er just bullied me; how can Yun Ruofeng tell me to not care about it! That dangling ornament originally belonged to me after spending so much effort to acquire it from Ning Rulan. How can he tell me to swallow my anger after Su Xi-er has taken it away just like that!


Ning Anlian gave a cold snort and didn’t focus on Yun Ruofeng anymore. She turned towards Su Xi-er. “You are a murderer, and don’t deserve to wear this Princess’ dangling ornament!”


The word ‘murderer’ was enunciated clearly. The entire room suddenly broke into a hushed chatter. Prince Hao’s maidservant killed someone? Why is the Eldest Imperial Princess calling her a murderer?


Su Xi-er wasn’t in a panic and answered indifferently. “Eldest Imperial Princess, may this servant ask whom I have killed? How can you know something that even this servant doesn’t know?”


“Humph, you will soon know whom you have killed.”


Ning Anlian looked towards Ning Lianchen. “Your Majesty, please summon Landlord Wei to the main hall.”


When Pei Qianhao heard the words ‘Landlord Wei,’ his eyebrows furrowed slightly. Although the Wei Miss’ were not killed by Su Xi-er, she is still related to it.


Ning Lianchen looked at Su Xi-er and saw that her eyes were bright and clear. I believe my Imperial Elder Sister; she is not a murderer.


“Summon Landlord Wei to enter the main hall.” Ning Lianchen waved his hand towards an imperial guard and ordered.


The imperial guard at his side immediately accepted the order and left.


Shortly after, Wei Guang entered the main hall and knelt with a thud. “Your Majesty, I beg you to find justice for this peasant.” Wei Guang raised his head and secretly glanced at Wei Mohai after speaking.


Ning Anlian’s voice was solemn. “Commander Wei, you are Landlord Wei’s distant relative. Although distant, you are still related by blood. Landlord Wei’s daughters can be considered your patrilineal cousins. How can you not investigate when your cousins have died with no explanation?”


Wei Mohai stood up and bowed to pay his respect. “The murderer was caught, and this case is closed.”


“Who said that the murderer was caught? The murderer is Prince Hao’s maidservant, Su Xi-er.” Ning Anlian’s phoenix eyes blinked slightly as she looked towards Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er smiled. “What about the evidence?”


“You lambasted the two Wei Miss’ on the streets the day that you first arrive in Nanzhao. Because of your animosity towards them after that incident, you left the posthouse and killed them in the Fortune Apricot House!”


“Me berating them on the streets is conclusive evidence that I killed them? Don’t you think that this is too laughable? Besides, do you even know why I rebuked them in the first place?” Su Xi-er slowly approached Ning Anlian, acting as if she was simply taking a stroll. Her voice was steady, and her expression was completely calm.

The distance between the two slowly reduced until finally, Ning Anlian could practically feel Su Xi-er’s calm aura. It caused her to feel a sense of déjà vu. This kind of scene is extremely similar to before when Ning Rulan used to chide me…

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Translation: Sangria

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Sangria: Will Ning Anlian find out that Su Xi-er is Ning Rulan first or will Yun Ruofeng find out first?