Ning Lianchen was the first to recover from his shock, promptly raising his hand. “Grand Tutor Liu painted well. Rewards will be duly given.”


Although Yun Ruofeng had been humiliated, he couldn’t say anything in front of everyone. It is the undeniable truth that Ning Rulan fought in the war. It is obvious that Grand Tutor Liu was scheming to paint Ning Rulan at such an occasion.


Grand Tutor Liu bowed to pay his respects, loudly saying, “Many thanks, your Majesty.”


Eunuch Fu looked at Prince Yun before immediately moving to close the scroll.


Before he could do so, however, the screeching voice of a woman could be heard outside the door. When the curtain lifted, it revealed a young woman clad in a red dress, wearing a golden hairpin that glittered in the candlelight.


This woman was none other than Ning Anlian, the person who should be currently resting in the repose palace.


Yun Ruofeng’s eyes darkened. Why is she not staying in the repose palace? Doesn’t she know that this situation is enough of a mess already?


Ning Anlian ignored Yun Ruofeng and looked at the half-closed scroll in Eunuch Fu’s hand and sneered. “To paint that sinful woman is disrespectful to Nanzhao. Your Majesty, are you not going to punish Grand Tutor Liu, but reward him instead?”


The target of her words was clear, causing everyone to start whispering. Ning Anlian deeply hates the previous Eldest Imperial Princess, enough that she has begun interrogating the Emperor in front of everyone. Even her eyes show that she is annoyed.


Ning Lianchen’s face was solemn. “How is she a sinful woman? Imperial Elder Sister, don’t talk nonsense.” Although I don’t accept Ning Anlian from the bottom of my heart, I still need to call her ‘Imperial Elder Sister’ in front of others.


I hope… Ning Lianchen's gaze skipped over Su Xi-er. I hope that you won’t blame me for calling Ning Anlian, ‘Imperial Elder Sister.’ In my heart, you are my only Imperial Elder Sister.


Ning Anlian sneered, putting on the airs of an Eldest Imperial Princess. “This Princess never talks nonsense. Ning Rulan disrupted the laws of the court, causing her to be evicted from the imperial household. The name of Ning Rulan was then banned in Nanzhao, preventing it from ever being mentioned. And yet, you are saying that you will reward Grand Tutor Liu instead of punishing him?”


At this moment, Su Xi-er’s eyes narrowed slightly. She was about to speak up when Pei Qianhao knowingly raised a hand, signalling for her to stay quiet for now.


Immediately after, he himself asked with a serious expression. “Eldest Imperial Princess, is your injury better? How did you come out of the Imperial Palace?”


Ning Anlian’s attention immediately went to Su Xi-er, who was standing behind Pei Qianhao. She raised her hand and pointed at the jade green dangling ornament. “Why is this Princess’ accessory on a maidservant’s head?” Her voice became a screech as she pointed at Su Xi-er.


“Miss Xi-er had performed a meritorious service, so this Emperor rewarded her.” Ning Lianchen stood up from his seat and walked down from the upper seat towards Ning Anlian.


Although Ning Lianchen was only 16, he was already tall. His stature towered over Ning Anlian as he looked down at her, warning her not to mess around with a powerful gaze.


Ning Anlian looked at Yun Ruofeng, who was sitting on the upper seat and not moving at all, before sneering. “How laughable, how can Your Majesty casually bestow this Princess’ things to others? This dangling ornament holds a lot of meaning for this Princess, and can’t be casually given away.”


I must get the dangling ornament back tonight, no matter what. I will also make Su Xi-er die a terrible death!


All of a sudden, the clear and pleasant voice of another woman rang out as Su Xi-er stepped out from behind Pei Qianhao, looking directly at Ning Anlian. “What kind of meaning does it have to you? This belongs to the previous Eldest Imperial Princess.”


Ning Anlian pursed her lips tightly. “Who said that it belongs to Ning Rulan? It’s this Princess’. Take off the dangling ornament immediately, and this Princess will spare you from death. Otherwise…”

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