Grand Tutor Liu put down his wine cup and walked to the middle of the main hall. He bowed towards Yun Ruofeng to pay his respects before speaking. “This official is an aged man and can’t write charming poems anymore. Instead, this old man will embarrass myself and paint a picture. However, will Prince Yun please promise this humble official something if I paint well?”


Yun Ruofeng smiled. “Grand Tutor Liu, just say it.”


“Prince Yun, this humble official has been staying in the imperial palace for a few months already. My daughter is 10 years old, and has been calling for this humble official every day. This humble official only has one daughter who was born when I was already old, so I truly miss her. If this humble official paints well, will you allow me to return to my residence to see my daughter. I promise to return after a few days.”


When Su Xi-er heard this, her hand that held the wine pot froze, and her lips pursed together tightly. How dare Yun Ruofeng hold Grand Tutor Liu captive in the imperial palace!


At this moment, Pei Qianhao spoke. “This Prince has heard of Grand Tutor Liu being lauded as the leading figure in the literary world, even in Beimin. As a court official, you should be able to return to your residence every day. Why have you stayed in the imperial palace for months without seeing your ten-year-old daughter?”


His voice was calm, but each word was full of interrogation.


Yun Ruofeng looked at Grand Tutor Liu calmly. He purposely chose to wait until now to mention this. Didn’t you always protect Ning Lianchen? Isn’t this Prince kind in allowing you to always stay at the Imperial Palace to keep His Majesty company?


Yun Ruofeng smiled and replied. “Grand Tutor Liu has always accompanied His Majesty to teach him the ways of governance. This Prince was so satisfied with the amount of progress that His Majesty has made that I forgot that Grand Tutor Liu had a ten-year-old daughter. You can return to your residence tomorrow. Don’t worry about hurrying back either; just take your time and stay a few more days at your residence.”


After he finished talking, Yun Ruofeng raised his wine cup. “This Prince toasts to everyone. Everyone, please drink as much as you can tonight; don’t leave without getting drunk!”


The leaders of each country raised their cups along with the officials of Nanzhao, draining their drinks together with Yun Ruofeng.


Only Pei Qianhao took a light sip. He turned his head to look at Su Xi-er and put down his wine cup. “Are you tired after standing for so long?”


Su Xi-er shook her head and put down the wine pot. “This servant isn’t tired.”


After Yun Ruofeng finished his toast, he instructed the imperial guards to bring over some paintbrush, inkstick and inkstone[1], and paper for Grand Tutor Liu to paint.


The imperial guard bowed, accepted the order, and walked into another room on the Dragon Boat. Shortly after, he returned with a wooden desk, paintbrush, inkstick and inkstone, and paper.


Grand Tutor Liu walked in front of the wooden desk and picked up a paintbrush. He thought carefully for a moment and suddenly had an idea.


The brush in his hand rapidly twisted and turned on the paper, drawing everyone’s attentive gaze.


After only fifteen minutes, the painting was finished.


Ning Lianchen instructed Eunuch Fu to show everyone the painting.


Eunuch Fu obeyed the order and walked forward. When he saw the painting, he stared at Grand Tutor Liu in disbelief. He dared to paint...


“Eunuch Fu, step onto the upper chair and open up the scroll to show everyone.” The gentle voice of Yun Ruofeng could be heard.


Eunuch Fu’s expression changed, but he could only obey the order that Yun Ruofeng had already given. With some reluctance on his face, he stepped onto the platform and opened up the scroll.


Everyone watched as the scroll rolled open to reveal a simple but simultaneously extraordinary image.


It was a slender woman in a red military robe, a sword hanging at her waist as she took a heroic posture.


The woman in the painting was the previous Eldest Imperial Princess Ning Rulan! In the painting, she was charging through enemy lines!


Everyone had a different expression. Pei Qianhao’s eyes narrowed slightly, Su Xi-er’s gaze was slightly stunned, and Ning Lianchen immediately looked towards Su Xi-er.


Yun Ruofeng’s gaze was also changing. He couldn’t help but feel his chest tightening. For Grand Tutor Liu to paint something like this during the Dragon Boat Night Banquet is a complete slap to my face!


The woman in the picture charging through enemy lines... It was all because of the blood and sweat of Ning Rulan that Nanzhao has achieved what it has today. I, Yun Ruofeng, had stepped on top of a woman to climb up!

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon

It was all because of the blood and sweat of Ning Rulan that Nanzhao has achieved what it has today. I, Yun Ruofeng, had stepped on top of a woman to climb up!

Sangria: Did Yun Ruofeng just realise this...?

Cosy: Yun Ruofeng, you mean you never knew??

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