Chu Linglong turned on his heels and left once he had finished talking, but not before he had given Su Xi-er a cold glance.


“Crown Prince Chu already said that him falling into the river had nothing to do with Miss Xi-er, and was only an accident. Everyone, the night banquet will soon begin, please enter the main hall.” Ning Lianchen waved his hand and said to everyone politely.


At this moment, Su Xi-er thought that Lianchen really had the disposition of an emperor.


Yun Ruofeng stood on the side, acting as if this didn’t involve him. While he was doing so, his gaze imperceptibly landed on Su Xi-er. The Jinghong Dance, Bending Branch Dance, and even Ning Lianchen talking to me about karma...


Could it be… A daring thought entered Yun Ruofeng’s head.


No, I don’t believe that there is such a thing in this world. Slowly, Yun Ruofeng’s gaze became deeper. I must test Su Xi-er. Otherwise, my heart will be restless.


Everyone quieted down after Ning Lianchen spoke, proceeding to make their way towards the main hall.


Pei Qianhao took Su Xi-er’s hand and examined it carefully. “Did you get hurt?” 


“This servant is fine. But Prince Hao, it’s time to enter the main hall.” Su Xi-er took her hand back and looked at him with a face full of smiles.


Pei Qianhao raised his hand when he saw that she was smiling, lightly knocking her on the forehead. “You should have come to this Prince immediately after you got on the ship. Why would you decide to stand alone at the stern just because this Prince didn’t come looking for you? If you had accidentally fallen into the cold Water Caltrop River, you would have definitely caught a cold no matter how well you can swim.”


“You speak about so many possibilities, but this servant is standing here, completely fine.” Su Xi-er continued to smile as she tugged Pei Qianhao’s sleeve and urged him to enter the main hall.


The small move was noticed by Ning Lianchen. Imperial Elder Sister is acting like a docile little bird. Could it be that she has opened her heart to Prince Hao? Imperial Sister, have you thought things through this time?


Ning Lianchen pursed his lips. I must find a time to talk to Imperial Elder Sister about this before she leaves Nanzhao.


The main hall of the Dragon Boat was boisterous. Apart from dignitaries from other counties, there were also officials from Nanzhao present. The civil court officials were led by Grand Tutor Liu, while the military court officials were led by Wei Mohai. They sat on each side with dignitaries from other countries.


Su Xi-er stood behind Pei Qianhao and poured him some wine. “Prince Hao, don’t drink too much.”


“This Prince knows. I will just drink one cup tonight.” Pei Qianhao didn’t refuse and agreed to it directly.


Nobody dared to speak boldly, especially since Chu Linglong was away changing clothes. As for Hua Zhirong, he was as stoic as ever, disinterested in everything. Even the conversation between Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er could only grab his attention for a moment before he turned his gaze away.


Su Xi-er looked towards Grand Tutor Liu. Although he’s over the age of fifty, he is still an upright man. Right now, only Grand Tutor Liu can help Lianchen in Nanzhao’s imperial court.


Although Grand Tutor Liu had elicited much dissatisfaction from Yun Ruofeng, the former was a reputable person in Nanzhao’s literary community. Yun Ruofeng would only be harming himself if he acted against Grand Tutor Liu.


Su Xi-er could see the worry in Grand Tutor Liu’s eyes. His hair is greyish-white, and he even looks a lot older than before. He has sacrificed much for Lianchen.


As if by fate, Grand Tutor Liu suddenly met Su Xi-er’s eyes, causing his hand that was holding the wine cup to pause. The gaze of this woman is very different.


However, the confusion in Grand Tutor Liu’s eyes lasted for only a second. Yun Ruofeng suddenly called him from the upper seat. “Grand Tutor Liu, as the leading authority of the literary world, why don’t you write a poem or paint a picture right here?”


After he finished talking, the leaders of each country and the other officials all agreed in succession. Ning Lianchen, however, furrowed his eyebrows; he could see from Grand Tutor Liu’s eyes that he didn’t want to.

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