The sound of silk bamboo instruments grew louder and louder as the moonlight reflected off the surface of the sparkling river. Numerous boats that held the minor officials glowed in the night as well, illuminated by red lanterns that hung all over the vessels. Towering above them all was the Dragon Boat that the main celebration would be held on. The main hall of the boat was extremely spacious; its doors were decorated with golden Lingrui flowers, while other colourful flora were used to decorate the interior.


The gentle breeze that flew over the river would carry the fragrance of these flowers, allowing the normal citizens who had lined up along the banks of the Water Caltrop River to enjoy their scent. These people had all finished their work for the day, bringing along their wives and children to enjoy a night of celebration.


However, the citizens could only place their stools beyond a ten-metre radius of the Water Caltrop River due to the abundance of imperial guards watching over the perimeter. 


Nevertheless, it didn't stop their enthusiasm to watch the spectacle. The Water Caltrop River was dyed red by the light of the lanterns, and was extremely beautiful.


Everyone was thinking about how grand it was with all the powerful and influential figures seated in the Dragon Boat's central main hall.


Just then, a burly man voiced out first, "I really wish I could take a look at the inside of the Dragon Boat, and all of the big shots along with it. I heard that a chef from the restaurant and a flour vendor were bestowed with many silvers today!"


"I heard about that too. How lucky of them! That two of them owe it all to the help of Miss Fairy. Why isn’t there a Miss Fairy to help me though?"


Another middle-aged woman snorted. "Look at your appearance. Miss Fairy would be scared away by you before being able to help. Just give up. Hmm? Why isn't your wife here?"


"She isn't done washing the dishes, but she will be here soon. I was just kidding about Miss Fairy anyways. If she really appeared, my wife would definitely gouge out my eyeballs if I were to steal a few glances."


Laughter erupted instantly. "Your wife won't gouge out your eyeballs. She will at most punish you by making you kneel on the washing board, hahaha."


The laughter continued incessantly. The burly man was embarrassed but it was the truth. Despite his tall and bulky stature, he was afraid of his wife.


By this time, the instruments had entered its postlude as the guests from the various nations boarded the Dragon Boat.


Chu Linglong had changed into a set of purple robes, its collars covered with flowers that were woven with golden thread. His appearance was very alluring when combined with the moonlit atmosphere.


His black eyes swiftly caught the figure of red standing at the stern. It's Su Xi-er. Why isn't Prince Hao around? Chu Linglong thought it was weird and directly headed towards the stern.


Chu Linglong gradually closed in until finally, he was stunned that he couldn’t bring himself to speak.  The woman in front of him was currently enveloped in an air of serenity and elegance. If I were to disturb her, I would be destroying such beauty.


Just as he hesitated, Su Xi-er turned around. "Crown Prince Chu, why are you waiting around at the stern instead of heading towards the main hall?'


Her tone was cold and casual, giving off a sense of alienation as her face remained placid.


Chu Linglong realised that he couldn't see through her. "This Crown Prince can go wherever I please. Also, this Crown Prince could ask the same of you."


"Crown Prince Chu, you are the crown prince of a nation; it is normal for you to enter the main hall, while this servant is just a mere maidservant." This was just her excuse. In reality, she was just here to enjoy the nighttime scenery of the Water Caltrop River, and also to see if Lianchen would pass by.


But she didn't expect that the one to appear would be Chu Linglong instead.


"Did Prince Hao not bring you in because you upset him? That’s okay; since you were such an eye-opener for this Crown Prince, I shall bring you instead." Chu Linglong then immediately reached out a hand to grab her.

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