The sound of silk bamboo instruments filled the air as night fell. The Dragon Boat Night Banquet was about to begin.


Before exiting the room, Su Xi-er lifted a hand to make sure that the dangling hair ornament was arranged properly in her hair bun. After taking care of that, she patted her robes down one last time before a palace maid’s voice sounded from behind the door.


"Miss Xi-er, Prince Hao has ordered for you to head towards the Dragon Boat Night Banquet after you wake up. It's the largest boat in the middle."


Su Xi-er opened the doors and nodded before looking at the Dragon Boat in the centre. Seeing as how the Dragon Boat Night Banquet would be held on the same vessel every year, she was very familiar with it.


After slowly alighting the boat that she was on, Su Xi-er began to head towards the Dragon Boat in the centre. It just so happened that Ning Anlian was arriving by the Water Caltrop River in the Wei Family’s horse carriage at the same time. In doing so, she was able to see the silhouette wearing red walking towards the Dragon Boat.


Ning Anlian's eyes darkened as her gaze suddenly locked onto that red silhouette. It's Su Xi-er!


She lifted the carriage curtains a little higher, but what she caught sight of made her breath stop in her throat ー A jade-green dangling ornament with cascading jade pendants! That is… my dangling ornament! Of all the accessories Ning Rulan owned, Ning Anlian had only kept this one due to its significant meaning.


Ning Anlian's thoughts ran wild. My Imperial Mother passed on early. I only know that initially, Emperor Father had originally wanted to give it to my mother, but that it somehow went to Ning Rulan’s Empress Mother instead.


Ning Anlian clenched her fists tightly. Ning Rulan's Empress Mother snatched the dangling ornament that supposedly belonged to my Imperial Mother. It was only after Ning Rulan died did I finally manage to get her hands on it. I now treasure it very much, but who would have known that it would be stuck in Su Xi-er’s hair bun on her head!


Ning Anlian was sure that the ornament was the same one that she treasured so much. She had spent much time simply holding it in her hand and observing it carefully, even if she only wore it for certain occasions. For example, she would intentionally wear it when trying to sound Yun Ruofeng out.


"What's in the horse carriage?" Suddenly, an imperial guard's voice sounded forth, immediately beginning to lift the curtain of the carriage.


Wei Guang immediately went forward. "The ingredients in this horse carriage are different from the ones before; they are all valuable ingredients, and are to be sent to the restaurant."


"In the past, I wouldn't have insisted on checking. However, Prince Yun has just ordered everyone to keep a close watch in the vicinity of the Water Caltrop River. Sorry, Landlord Wei." The imperial guard then lifted his halberd and pushed aside the carriage curtains to look within.


Wei Guang's heart was almost at his throat. He was just about to speak when the imperial guard kept his halberd. "Checking's done. There are no problems, let him in."


"Thank you, Sir Official," Wei Guang heaved a sigh of relief and immediately ordered his servant to drive the carriage towards the restaurant.


The imperial guards had formed a circle in the vicinity of the Water Caltrop River. Being “let in” meant being allowed into the circle of guards.


The horse carriage drove forward as Ning Anlian straightened her body. Seeing the green vegetable leaves on the helm of her dress, her brows furrowed together.


Su Xi-er did this to me. She made me unable to attend the state banquet, and even snatched my dangling ornament; how can I not hate her?


Great, Su Xi-er, this Princess has a big score to settle with you. This Princess doesn't care how much Prince Hao dotes on you; I will make sure you suffer a horrible death!


A malicious smile flickered across the recesses of Ning Anlian's eyes. Men are all the same, unable to resist a pretty face. Pei Qianhao, and the representatives of the other nations are no different. Even Yun Ruofeng treated Su Xi-er differently.


If Su Xi-er is no longer beautiful, and becomes a murderer, I want to see who would still love her!


Su Xi-er, you didn't want to stay on your easy path, and had to oppose this Princess instead. However, even Ning Rulan was killed by this Princess when she obstructed me, to say nothing of you.

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