The palace maid promptly took the letter in her hand, bowed, and acknowledged the order before exiting the hall in a hurry.


Pei Yaran narrowed her eyes. Pei Qianhao, I forbid you to stay in Nanzhao for so long. If you were to spare even a little consideration for me, you wouldn't bring that siren back.


There are so many beautiful women in this world, and I can turn a blind eye to you taking in 72 beauties and establishing the Beauty Palace. But now, I can’t take it lying down anymore.


I have to make plans for the future, not await my doom and tolerate the loneliness of the imperial harem.


Pei Yaran had just made up her mind when another palace maid entered the hall. She bowed and greeted Pei Yaran before speaking further. "Your Highness, Matriarch Pei is here."


Mother is here. The last time she came here, she told me in the face to let Pei Anru enter the palace. I didn’t summon Mother after that because of how displeased I was.


And yet, she is now coming to see me of her own accord once again. What for?


A cold aura emanated from Pei Yaran. Any familial affection she had previously possessed, had left her ever since she entered the imperial palace. The Pei Residence couldn’t help her, and would only visit when they needed her help with something.


"Empress Dowager, Matriarch Pei has been waiting outside the Compassionate Peace Palace. Do you wish to summon her? " The palace maid's voice sounded again, a streak of terror embedded within. The last time Matriarch Pei entered the palace, the Empress Dowager had the same expression foul expression that she does now.


"This Empress Dowager's biological mother has come, how can I not meet her? Bring her in." Pei Yaran gestured and sat herself down on the main seat. She brought the teacup by the side to her lips and slowly took a sip.


Matriarch Pei, Lu Ningxiang, entered the main hall of the Compassionate Peace Palace. Seeing her daughter wearing a grave expression, she immediately bowed and greeted, "This official's wife pays her respects to the Empress Dowager."


Pei Yaran placed the teacup down and ordered the palace maid by the side to prepare a seat. "Matriarch Pei, it is so rare for you to request an audience with this Empress Dowager of your own accord. How could you stand there? Take a seat."


The palace maid understood and immediately carried a chair over, placing a soft cushion on it.


Lu Ningxiang's face grew solemn, glancing at the palace maids around them.


"Withdraw. Make sure to shut the palace doors." Pei Yaran ordered with a gesture.


Immediately, all the palace maids bowed and withdrew, shutting the palace doors tightly behind them.


Lu Ningxiang immediately fell to her knees. "This official's wife has a request."


Seeing her mother on her knees, Pei Yaran could only feel an ache in her heart. But what made her even more heartbroken was the fact that her mother had only come to visit her in order to ask for something again!


"Empress Dowager, this matter has to do with the Pei Residence. Your Highness must help us. Pei Residence's side branch…"


Before Lu Ningxiang could complete her sentence, she was interrupted by Pei Yaran. "A married daughter is like spilt water. Ever since this Empress Dowager married the late Emperor, I was no longer associated with the Pei Residence."


Lu Ningxiang was stupefied and immediately replied, "How would there be no association? It's the Pei Family's blood that is flowing within you! Your eldest cousin, the Pei Residence’s Pei Yong, was arrested by Wu Ling for some unknown reason. A thorough investigation was launched against him. If you are not willing to lend a helping hand, only death awaits Pei Yong!"


"It would be better that he dies. Nobody asked him to do such unscrupulous things. Don’t think that this Empress Dowager has forgotten that not long ago, you had requested for me to bring Pei Yong’s daughter, Pei Anru, into the imperial palace. For a young girl at the age of 13 to enter the imperial palace, do you think this Empress Dowager has no idea about your plans?" Pei Yaran got even more agitated as she spoke, a cold aura spurting forth.


I married the Old Emperor when I was fifteen, leading to my current situation. I am completely certain that the Pei Family only wants me to set up a meeting between Pei Anru and Pei Qianhao. However, what right does Anru have to climb on the stairs made of my blood, sweat, and tears?

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Cosy

TLC: Rakumon


Cosy: They always say hateful people are pitiful people. Sigh, imagine growing up to only be used as a pawn for the family. No wonder all of them have warped morals.

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