Pei Yaran was resting on a soft couch with her eyes closed. When she heard the news, her eyes shot open, her pupils growing a shade darker.


"Where did the news come from?"


The palace maiden replied nervously as she knelt. "The news came from Nanzhao. Many people are saying..."


"What did they say?" Pei Yaran's voice was calm, and her face void of expression. Yet, the malicious glint in her eyes was terrifying.


"They said that Prince Hao may be returning with a peerless beauty this time. They even went as far as to say that he would let the woman enter..." A shiver went down the palace maiden's spine before she finally found the courage to continue under Pei Yaran’s murderous glare. "...enter Prince Hao Residence."


A fierce glare appeared in Pei Yaran eyes. She toyed with her pink fingernails and let out a chuckle. "Prince Hao Residence… This so-called peerless beauty sure isn’t simple. Every woman that Prince Hao has ever collected is in the Beauty Palace. This woman won’t be able to enter the Prince Hao Residence, even if..."


Suddenly, her expression changed. Even if Pei Qianhao really wanted to bring that siren to the Prince Hao Residence, it will be over my dead body! I don’t believe that he would be heartless enough to ignore me if I were to threaten him with my life!


Just then, an imperial guard entered the hall and bowed deferentially. "Reporting to the Empress Dowager, the Beauty Palace is heavily guarded by guards from the Prince Hao Residence, stopping anyone from entering. This subordinate had tried to enter several times, but was stopped each time. Eunuch Sun even laid down heavy words, saying that Your Highness had sent Su Xi-er to the Beauty Palace. Now that Your Highness wishes to transfer her back to the imperial palace, it has to be approved by Prince Hao."


Pei Yaran slammed her right palm against the chair handle. "Outrageous! Eunuch Sun is just a despicable slave; how dare he not listen to the words of this Empress Dowager!"


Suddenly, Pei Yaran went silent again. Su Xi-er is a thing of the past, and Pei Qianhao now has another coquettish and charming woman beside him. However, I only need to arrange for that siren and Su Xi-er to meet in order to deal with the situation. Once she sees how Su Xi-er was abandoned, she’ll automatically leave Prince Hao without me even needing to do anything.


She relaxed at the thought of it, waving a hand to signal the imperial guard. "Order the Imperial Kitchen to take some delicacies to the Beauty Palace for Su Xi-er to have a taste. Let her know that she is a pitiful person. Also, let her know that Prince Hao is enjoying a carefree and cheerful life in Nanzhao with a beautiful and charming woman beside him."


The imperial guard was startled. I didn’t think that the Empress Dowager would find out so quickly. Even I only heard of it when I was outside of the palace.


"Why are you still here? Go on," Pei Yaran ordered coldly.


The imperial guard acknowledged her orders and left. The palace maids in the hall felt a chill down their spine when they saw the smile on Pei Yaran's face. The Empress Dowager's smile is too terrifying!


A malicious glint appeared in Pei Yaran’s eyes before she promptly got up from the soft couch, pointing at a palace maid standing by the side, "Prepare the palace's messenger pigeon. This Empress Dowager will personally write a letter to Prince Hao."


I don't want Pei Qianhao to stay in Nanzhao for long, and must make him come back as soon as possible. As for the woman beside him, I must take a good look at her first. I’ll first not deal with that woman openly, but instead use Su Xi-er to try to make that siren know her place and leave.


If the siren is still unwilling to leave, then I can’t be blamed! I don't believe that the 13 years of ties between Pei Qianhao and I can’t compare to that woman! Pei Yaran's thoughts continued at a breakneck pace. The first time we had met, I had been five, and him twelve. She had always found him handsome, and had slowly fallen for him after getting to know him.


Yet, fate makes fun of people. I entered the imperial palace and married the old Emperor. Now, I am only eighteen but I have to endure the loneliness of the imperial harem all alone.


There were streaks of sadness in Pei Yaran's gaze before she quickly composed herself, hurrying into the inner chamber before sitting down at the writing desk. She then quickly penned a letter and rolled it up, passing it over to a palace maid at the side. "Immediately send the letter by messenger pigeon to Prince Hao."

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