"Prince Yun, if this Emperor doesn't have the disposition of an Emperor, could it be that you do?" Ning Lianchen chuckled and continued, "This Emperor took Prince Hao to view the scenery out of politeness. Was I wrong to do this?”


"Your Majesty, can't you see that your actions will displease Prince Hao? Prince Hao obviously favours Su Xi-er greatly. He clearly wanted to spend time alone with her, and you tailing after them..."


Before Yun Ruofeng could complete his sentence, Ning Lianchen interrupted him. "Prince Yun, this Emperor does not hold romantic feelings towards Su Xi-er. As long as this bottom-line exists, Prince Hao will not get upset."


Moreover, that was my Imperial Elder Sister, my only family. I had only followed along because I was worried about her. I wasn’t sure if Prince Hao can protect Imperial Elder Sister.


While Prince Hao certainly has the power and influence to protect her, who knows if he would still want to do so when he finds that his maidservant was the previous Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao? 


Would his feelings remain the same, even at that time? This thought made Ning Lianchen anxious.


"You are thinking of it too simply." Yun Ruofeng parted his lips and placidly said. His air of gentleness had been replaced by solemnity. 


"This Emperor doesn’t like to complicate things like you, Prince Yun. Did you receive the message that this Emperor ordered Eunuch Fu to deliver?" Ning Lianchen chuckled and continued. "It has been tiring for Prince Yun, so this Emperor shall not disturb you any further. Have a great rest, conserve energy for the Dragon Boat Night Banquet tonight."


With that, Ning Lianchen stood up and left the room.


Watching Ning Lianchen's back, Yun Ruofeng knitted his brows. Karma.


Yun Ruofeng felt that he understood the meaning in Ning Lianchen’s words. With it being publicly known that I was the one who killed Ning Rulan, how could Ning Lianchen not hate me? To that end, in order to prevent future troubles, it would make the most sense for Yun Ruofeng to get rid of Ning Lianchen as well, no matter how desperately the civilian officials opposed it.


But every time he wanted to kill him, he would change his mind.


At this moment, Wei Mohai entered the room, bowed and greeted before reporting, "Prince Yun, the Eldest Imperial Princess has disappeared from the palace."


Yun Ruofeng's tone rose, his voice getting louder, "What?! She's not in the palace?"


"Yes, Qin Ling has already received punishment on his own accord, admitting it to be his oversight for not guarding the Eldest Imperial Princess well."


When the palace guards came, they made it clear that the Eldest Imperial Princess had most likely gone missing when they were changing shifts.


"Pass down this Prince's order, search for the Eldest Imperial Princess immediately, especially in the vicinity of the Water Caltrop River. When you find her, immediately bring her back to the palace and keep a tight watch on her." Yun Ruofeng's brows were furrowed together. With a temper like hers, sneaking out now can only mean that she means to crash the banquet. It would be a disaster, with her appearance only making things worse. She is definitely not the same as the calm and calculated Ning Rulan.


"This subordinate understands." Wei Mohai bowed again. "Prince Yun, everyone on the streets is talking about Prince Hao's maidservant. They talked about how dazzling she is, and that the current Eldest Imperial Princess cannot even compare to a maidservant. Some even went as far as to bring up the previous Eldest Imperial Princess."


Discussing Su Xi-er alone was fine. Bringing up Ning Rulan, however, was not.


Yun Ruofeng's brows relaxed as he calmed himself down. "Gather a group of palace guards and get them to walk the streets in plain clothes. If they hear anyone else bringing her up, capture the offender in secret. Such discussions must be silenced immediately."


Wei Mohai bowed. "This subordinate will work on it immediately." He then exited the room.


Yun Ruofeng clenched his fists hidden under his sleeves. Ning Rulan, you are already dead; why do you still have to pester this Prince? The people talk about you, and now there’s even Su Xi-er who has a similar disposition as you. You should rest in peace since you’re already dead. As for your hatred, this Prince will repay you in the next lifetime.


Yet, news travelled the fastest through word of mouth. One to ten, ten to a hundred. Even if people were captured in secrecy, it wouldn’t be enough to stop the news from spreading.


The citizens stopped their discussions when night fell, but traders who frequented the route between Nanzhao and Beimin spread the word.


Some traders from Beimin even brought this up in their letters to their families.


Hence, the news swept into Beimin like a gust of wind and entered the ears of Pei Yaran.

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