To say that he’ll leave his mark again if this hickey disappears... This isn't 'just sleeping with him once,' he clearly wants me to sleep with him again and again. Su Xi-er glanced at him and lifted her hand to try to pull up her dishevelled inner garments, but was stopped midway.


"Let this Prince take another look." Pei Qianhao spoke as he looked at the hickey on her shoulder. He couldn't help but place a hand on it. "How about I imprint another one on you?" 


Su Xi-er shifted her body. "No, with how much you keep messing around with this servant, I am feeling tired." She then turned on her side to face the inner wall.


"You call this messing around? If I really did mess around with you, you wouldn't even have the energy to speak." Pei Qianhao chuckled, but he did not stop her from turning away.


Looking at her slender back, his eyes darkened as his Adam's apple rolled up and down. He then proceeded to stand up and put on his clothes, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to resist wanting her if he stayed any longer.


Su Xi-er heard the rustling of clothes behind her, but when she turned her head, Pei Qianhao had already left the room.


There was a creak, and the room went silent save for the sound of the wind on the river.


Su Xi-er's eyes darkened; she wasn’t stupid, and knew exactly why he had left the room. She had already realised it back when he was kissing her. His body wasn’t warm, but passionately burning. If she hadn’t stopped them, it wouldn’t be surprising if something had happened.


Su Xi-er grabbed the quilt beside her and held it tightly. Pei Qianhao, you don't know who I am. You don’t like strong women. You want a woman who can be virtuous and gentle, standing by your side and supporting from behind while raising your children. For someone strong and willful like me, that is impossible.


After leaving the room, Pei Qianhao's brows were knitted as he stared into the calm lake, giving off a sense of loneliness. The palace maids and eunuchs would all promptly back away when they saw him in such a state, terrified of his intimidating aura.


Pei Qianhao's eyes got even darker as the invisible tension came to a head, his hand tightly clenched underneath his sleeves. A moment later, he suddenly relaxed, the stress seemingly disappearing from his shoulders and hands as the brightness returned to his eyes. The corners of his lips raised as if declaring he had made a decision.


Su Xi-er, for the rest of your life, you belong to this Prince.


The memories of Su Xi-er and him kept emerging in his mind. The first time we met, the first time she caught my attention, the way she endured it silently when I punished her, her mischievous look when she got drunk. I would get upset, but still be helpless to stop her at times.


Having made his decision, the cold aura around Pei Qianhao dissipated. As his gaze landed on the room door behind him, there were streaks of unnoticeable gentleness in the recesses of his eyes. Su Xi-er, this Prince will make you forget about your suffering from when you were young and let you be gradually freed from your fear of men. However, you should only be like that towards me. You should still find other men repulsive!


The current Pei Qianhao thought that the reason Su Xi-er was repulsed by men was due to her misfortunes when she was young.


Meanwhile, on Yun Ruofeng's boat


When Ning Lianchen entered the room, Chu Linglong and Hua Zirong had already left. He headed towards a chair to sit down, noticing that Yun Ruofeng had a tea can sitting next to him.


"Prince Yun, drinking tea again?"


Yun Ruofeng placed the teacup down. "Your Majesty, you didn't display the disposition of an Emperor today. How could you follow behind Prince Hao right in front of all the other guests? If this Prince didn't send Eunuch Fu to get you back, when were you planning to return?"

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