In an instant, Ning Lianchen understood. Prince Hao didn't know of Su Xi-er's real identity. He suspects that there are romantic feelings between Imperial Elder Sister and me.


She is my Imperial Elder Sister, my family! How could I have such feelings towards her?


However, Ning Lianchen realised something as he stared at Su Xi-er’s face and body. Although I have nothing but familial affection and emotional dependency on my Imperial Elder Sister, her current body has no blood ties with me. Naturally, my hope is that Imperial Elder Sister can live without worry; but if no man in this world can provide Imperial Elder Sister with any warmth, then I will. I will never marry, and take care of Imperial Eldest Sister for my entire life. In order to do so, I need more power...


At this thought, Ning Lianchen's eyes darkened. 


Eunuch Fu softly urged, "Your Majesty, it's time to go."


Ning Lianchen didn't reply. A short moment later, he spoke. "This Emperor understands." Without sparing Su Xi-er another glance, he continued straight ahead.


Imperial Elder Sister is currently under Prince Hao’s control, and is not allowed to defy him. I cannot cause her any more trouble, and can only do my best to become more powerful so that I can approach her one step at a time.


It was a gruesome process, but Ning Lianchen was determined. Upon realising that his closest family member was still alive, he regained his goals and motivation in life.


Imperial ElderSister, don't be afraid. Lianchen will grow up and become even more mature. This place will forever be your home.


Su Xi-er watched as Ning Lianchen walked into the distance. For a moment, she felt that his figure was very lonely. He was still very happy just now, why did it change all of a sudden? He's unhappy...


"Where are you looking at?" A deep and manly voice sounded, pulling Su Xi-er's thoughts back.


Without anyone around, Pei Qianhao's cold aura burst forth. Unwilling to suppress it any longer, he hooked his right arm around Su Xi-er's waist, a devilish glint glimmering in his eyes. "This Prince is displeased."


The four words indicated his current mood - extremely foul. He stared intensely at Su Xi-er, or rather, her pink lips.


Pei Qianhao’s gaze darkened as he watched Su Xi-er’s lips open and close, her feminine scent filling his nose. He suddenly used the arm around her waist to pull her against a nearby tree.


Behind Su Xi-er was the cold tree, and in front of her was his warm body. She lifted her head to look at him, and saw the deep look in his eyes.


His handsome face zoomed in and accurately caught her lips. His tongue protruded forward slightly as he started his conquest.


Once again, she was being forcefully kissed. This kiss was extremely deep and passionate, as if a heavy spring storm had passed by.


It had been a familiar scene when Yun Ruofeng had first kissed her at night in the woods beside the military camp. The difference now was that she was currently in broad daylight, and in the Imperial Household Landscape Garden at that.


Su Xi-er placed both her hands on his chest, wanting to use all her strength to push him away. I don't like this kiss, I really don’t like it!


Just as she did so, his large hand came up to encompass her own. He gently caressed her as he spoke. "Don't be afraid, this Prince won't hurt you. I just want to kiss you, but was unable to control my strength."


Su Xi-er felt a surge of warmth in her heart and actually stopped pushing against him. She lifted her head and even parted her lips to welcome him.


The slight changes in her response filled Pei Qianhao with happiness. He deepened the kiss with even more eagerness and passion.


His breath began to become laboured, but his hands stayed connected with her own without roaming over her body.


It was unknown how long it took before Pei Qianhao finally let her go. His gaze was intense as he chuckled. "Su Xi-er, you do have charm."


This charm had made him lose control during the day, and in public at that.

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