Su Xi-er looked at him, knowing that he had misunderstood the relationship between Ning Lianchen and herself. However, she also couldn’t allow him to find out what their true relationship was. As a result, she could only reply to him softly. “This servant doesn’t know why Nanzhao’s Emperor is like that. However, since he is the Emperor, this servant hopes that you won’t be too cold, Prince Hao.”


“Let this Prince ask you, what does ‘just like Lan’ mean? Same as Orchid flowers[1]?” Pei Qianhao stared at her. It’s impossible for it to mean ‘the same as Orchid flowers’. How can Lingrui flowers be like Orchid flowers?


An idea came to Su Xi-er. “This servant wasn’t saying ‘just like orchid’, but ‘just like blue’.”[2]


“Lingrui flowers are clearly yellow in colour. How could it be blue?”


Su Xi-er’s laughter could be heard immediately after. “Prince Hao, you’re really stupid. It’s called the sea of Lingrui flowers. What colour is the sea?”


The sea is blue, and the view of the Lingrui flowers is majestic, just like the sea.


By the time Pei Qianhao had worked this out, Ning Lianchen had already walked to Su Xi-er’s side. “Miss Xi-er, not only are the Lingrui flowers pretty-looking, their pollen can even be used to staunch bleeding. They can only be planted in Nanzhao. Since it’s rare for you to visit Nanzhao, you must take a good look at the Lingrui flowers.”


Prince Hao spoke before Su Xi-er could. “You are so sure that only Nanzhao can breed Lingrui?”


“It has been so many years, but which nation has successfully transplanted them? This Emperor is very confident regarding this point.” Ning Lianchen placidly replied. His intention wasn’t to brag about Lingrui flowers, but to tell his Imperial Elder Sister, “Don’t leave with Prince Hao so quickly.”


He believed that his Imperial Elder Sister would understand his words.


Su Xi-er naturally understood the undertone in Ning Lianchen’s words. “Prince Hao, the Lingrui flowers are indeed beautiful. As to whether they can be transplanted to other nations, we will have to see how it goes in the future.”


She knew that Lingrui had already been successfully planted in Beimin’s Shui Residence by Shui Yinglian’s mother, but she had already passed away.


Pei Qianhao looked at Ning Lianchen in displeasure, while the latter was similarly thinking about how to get away from Beimin’s Prince Regent. He wanted to have a good talk with his Imperial Elder Sister, without having to speak in code.


“Prince Hao, are you really planning to dispatch people to grind the Lingrui pollen?” Su Xi-er looked at Pei Qianhao.


“This Prince means what I say. The flower growers are already grinding them. By the time we return to Beimin, the process will be complete.” However, he had secretly left one stalk, intending to gather all the gardeners in Beimin to come up with a plan to successfully transplant Lingrui.


“Your Majesty, it’s better if you enjoy the beautiful scenery alone.” Pei Qianhao reached out his hand to pull Su Xi-er over.


However, he didn’t succeed this time. Su Xi-er, crouched down, pretending to admire and inhale the fragrance of the Lingrui flowers in order to avoid his grasp.


Ning Lianchen took the chance to squat down and scoot to her side, calling out softly, “Miss Xi-er.” Although he called her ‘Miss Xi-er’ out loud, he was calling her ‘Imperial Elder Sister’ in his heart.


Su Xi-er replied with an ‘mmm’ to acknowledge him, causing Ning Lianchen’s heart to burst into joy. She acknowledged me! I finally spoke to Imperial Elder Sister!


The one feeling the most upset was Pei Qianhao. He reached out his hand to pull Su Xi-er up. “This Prince feels that this sea of flowers is ordinary. Let’s go back.”


Ning Lianchen immediately suggested, “There’s still a sea of flowers ahead. Leaving so quickly…”


Su Xi-er interrupted him. “Your Majesty, what Prince Hao meant was that since the sea of flowers isn’t beautiful, he wants to go to the bamboo forest instead.”


Pei Qianhao furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Just when he wanted to say something, Eunuch Fu came rushing over. “Your Majesty, Prince Yun instructed this servant to call you over.”


“This Emperor isn’t going. The scenery here is beautiful.”


Eunuch Fu was put in a difficult position as he glanced at Ning Lianchen. He then bowed at Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, Prince Yun has invited you to go over. If you are tired, you may go to the Dragon Boat to take a rest; you can also wait there for the night banquet to start without having to return to the posthouse.”

1. ’Lan’ means ‘orchid’ in Chinese.

2. ’Orchid’ and ‘blue’ are pronounced as ‘lan’ and sound the same in Chinese.

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