Would things have come to such a point between us? However, I can’t dwell on the past, and must instead turn my attention towards the future and grand dreams!


The Imperial Household Landscape Garden was beside the Water Caltrop River, allowing Su Xi-er’s group to reach it within 15 minutes without horse carriage.


Along the way, none of the three had spoken. As Ning Lianchen walked behind, he kept his gaze fixed on Su Xi-er’s back. Proud and aloof, Jinghong Dance, Bending Branch Dance...


Imperial Elder Sister, is it you? Could you have possibly come back to life? If I ask you whether you have a younger brother called Lianchen, would you be incredulous? Or would you just ignore me?


How can a person come back to life? Even in a drama performance, they wouldn’t act out something like resurrection.


Su Xi-er’s mind was in a similar state of turmoil as she was constantly assaulted by the desire to turn around. With Pei Qianhao constantly emanating a cold aura next to her though, it was impossible.


However, she really wanted to walk together with Lianchen and talk to him. But I won’t directly tell him that I am Ning Rulan.


Reincarnation would be extremely shocking news to anyone.


Ning Lianchen kept following behind, finally stepping in front of them when they were about to reach the Imperial Household Landscape Garden. He could now look at Su Xi-er properly. “The Imperial Household Landscape Garden is ahead. In the distance is the mountain peaks, while the area surrounding us is a vast forest. On the left is the Dark Blue Woods, while on the right is the Bamboo Woods. In front of us is a sea of flowers with an assortment of colours.”


Su Xi-er smiled. “Just the description sounds beautiful; I can’t wait to go inside and have a look.”


She had come to the Imperial Household Landscape Garden once every year, and was very familiar with the scenery inside. However, just the thought of being able to enjoy the view with Lianchen made her jubilant.


‘You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.’ I have died once. Now that I am reborn, I feel even closer with the only family I have in front of my eyes.


However, Pei Qianhao was getting increasingly annoyed as he noticed how well the two were getting along.


“Go.” Pei Qianhao grasped Su Xi-er’s hand and took her into the garden, leaving Ning Lianchen behind.


At this moment, Pei Qianhao had completely treated Ning Lianchen as an enemy and didn’t allow him to get close to Su Xi-er.


Ning Lianchen hastened his pace in an attempt to keep up. He was thinking of a way to shake off Prince Hao and ask Su Xi-er why she knew how to perform the Bending Branch Dance.


The atmosphere was extremely strange as the three continued walking forward. Su Xi-er hadn’t come here to admire the scenery, but rather, to spend more time with Ning Lianchen. However, with Pei Qianhao in between them, she couldn’t even glance at Lianchen, much less talk to him.


Thus, Su Xi-er was also thinking about how to divert Pei Qianhao away.


If Pei Qianhao knew what the two of them were thinking, his expression would have definitely darkened.


“Prince Hao, after viewing the sea of flowers in front, let’s go view the Dark Blue Woods and Bamboo Woods. We’ll reach the sea of Lingrui flowers after taking a few more steps forward.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t give him any face, and instead coldly replied, “This Prince has seen a sea of Lingrui flowers right in Moon County. Su Xi-er, am I right?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Lingrui flowers are very beautiful.”


An idea sprung into Ning Lianchen’s eyes. “Miss Xi-er, how beautiful are they?”


In an instant, the expression in Su Xi-er’s eyes changed. This is...a secret code.


When they were young, she and Lianchen would play hide-and-seek. She would hide in the Lingrui flower shrubs, making him unable to find her. When she finally appeared, Lianchen would cry while hugging her. After that, she would stroke his head and tell him, “In the future, if you can’t find your Imperial Elder Sister, just ask this question: ‘How beautiful are the Lingrui flowers?’ As long as you ask, your Imperial Elder Sister will appear and reply to you with three words  ‘just like Lan(orchid)’.


Just like Lan. Meaning that the Lingrui flowers and Ning Rulan were just as beautiful.


Su Xi-er was excited, but she controlled her emotions very well. Perhaps, Lianchen just said that casually.

But… I want to try. Hence, she softly replied, “Just like Lan.”

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