Su Xi-er could see the longing in Ning Lianchen’s eyes, and her heart was involuntarily moved. Without waiting for Pei Qianhao’s permission, she stood up. “This servant knows how to dance, but I’m afraid that my meagre display will be mocked by everyone.”


Chu Linglong was the first to reply. “This Crown Prince won’t laugh at you. Those at Prince Hao’s side are all capable people. Although you are a maidservant, this Crown Prince feels that you are definitely special.”


When Ning Lianchen heard Su Xi-er agreeing, delight appeared in his eyes as he immediately instructed Eunuch Fu. “Take Miss Xi-er away to prepare.”


Seeing that Su Xi-er was about to perform a dance, Pei Qianhao immediately spoke out. “You’re not allowed to go.” His voice was frosty, and there was a trace of threat in his gaze.


Su Xi-er looked at him, her eyebrows slightly scrunched up. She didn’t want Lianchen to be upset, yet Pei Qianhao was unwilling. Just as she was about to resign herself to fate, she came up with an idea. This is the only way.


Hence, she walked closer to Pei Qianhao and lowered her voice. “Prince Hao, this servant wishes to dance. Tonight… this servant will sleep with you, but it will just be sleeping.”


Pei Qianhao felt his eyelid twitching when he heard what she said. She actually suggested this. He couldn’t help but look towards Ning Lianchen. The little Emperor’s charm is really great. However, no matter how great it is, he can’t take advantage of Su Xi-er. She will be coming to my bed tonight.


With such a temptation, Pei Qianhao nodded. “No next time.”


Su Xi-er softly replied, “Many thanks, Prince Hao.” She then followed Eunuch Fu off the viewing platform to prepare for the dance.


Many people found it strange. Pei Qianhao was clearly against Su Xi-er dancing, but why is suddenly fine with it? Even Ning Lianchen found it puzzling, but when he thought about watching Su Xi-er dance, he strongly felt his Imperial Elder Sister’s shadow again. It feels like Imperial Elder Sister hasn’t passed away, and as if the one dancing is her.


Ning Lianchen was immediately comforted by this, while Yun Ruofeng was feeling apprehensive. What if Su Xi-er deliberately presents the Jinghong Dance...


Pei Qianhao raised his winecup, wanting to take a sip, but found that his cup was already empty. The wine pot on his table had been given to Chu Linglong by Su Xi-er.


He frowned slightly and put down his winecup. I can’t even drink wine when I want to. How did I end up being controlled by Su Xi-er? But remembering that she would be getting onto his bed tonight, his brows began to relax.


Noticing something different about Pei Qianhao, Chu Linglong intentionally raised the wine pot that originally belonged to the former and filled his own cup. “It’s so delicious. This Crown Prince feels that the taste of wine is much better than tea, especially when it was sent over by a beauty.”


The ‘beauty’ he mentioned was none other than Su Xi-er.


Pei Qianhao’s voice was deep and oppressive, but the words he spoke sounded like he was just joking around. “In the Crown Prince Palace in Dongling, the number of handsome men pouring wine for Crown Prince Chu must outnumber the beauties.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement.


Chu Linglong’s expression immediately turned ghastly. “This Crown Prince likes women, but it just happens that all my subordinates are handsome men.” He chuckled, his alluring disposition returning to him. “Birds of the same feather flock together. Prince Hao, are you saying that you envy this Crown Prince’s beautiful appearance?”


“Crown Prince Chu, have you ever seen a man constantly talking about their beautiful appearance?” Pei Qianhao chuckled before looking towards the floating platform, no longer paying any attention to Chu Linglong.


Speechless, Chu Linglong clenched his fists very tightly. He’s secretly mocking me for not being like a man! Of course I’m a man! My side princess consort just got pregnant not long ago.


Suddenly, the sound of silk bamboo instruments could be heard, seizing everyone’s attention, including Pei Qianhao’s.


Donned in a red dress with a jade green dangling ornament, Su Xi-er’s countenance was already enough to mesmerise people before she even started dancing.

When Ning Lianchen saw an Osmanthus Flower branch in her hand, his expression changed. Bending Branch Dance! That is…

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