After carefully helping Su Xi-er put on the dangling ornament, Pei Qianhao made a few final adjustments. As this was his first time doing such a thing, he was naturally worried that he might not do it well.


“Does it look nice?” Su Xi-er touched the jade green dangling ornament and asked Pei Qianhao.


“It does.” Although they were two simple words, they were still a compliment that he had never spoken to a woman before. It feels like this hair ornament was waiting for Su Xi-er. Even if its lustre is a little lacking, her accompaniment makes the piece as dazzling as the sun. It feels as if this dangling ornament has been hibernating in the wooden box, waiting for the moment when Su Xi-er wakes it up..


Yun Ruofeng was immersed in his memories, causing Ning Lianchen to chuckle when the noticed the former in such a state. “Prince Yun, could it be that you can’t bear to part with this dangling ornament?“ He had lowered his voice so that the question was only audible to the both of them.


“This Prince is not concerned about women’s ornaments. Furthermore, that dangling ornament matches Miss Xi-er.”


“This Emperor also feels that the Eldest Imperial Princess can’t bring out such a feeling of awe when she wears it.”


Yun Ruofeng couldn’t help but be stunned, but when he looked towards Su Xi-er, he couldn’t help but agree. Ning Lianchen is right. Ning Anlian can’t bring out such a charm when she wears it.


He was very clear about the power of such an allure, and understood that he would never again find someone else capable of it in this lifetime. I was the one who personally destroyed it with my own hands. I firmly believed that I wouldn’t regret, that my life would only get more unrestrained after Ning Rulan’s death, instead of being tied down by her.


However, when he saw Su Xi-er, he felt pain in his heart; especially when Pei Qianhao helped her put the hair ornament on.


 It was precisely due to this feeling that he started doubting if he had made the correct decision in killing Ning Rulan. He hadn’t regretted it in the past, but now he was second-guessing himself.


“Prince Yun, the more this Emperor looks at you, the more I feel that there is something amiss with you today. Your heart doesn’t seem to be at the state banquet. Could it be that you are remembering that old friend again?” Ning Lianchen immediately observed Yun Ruofeng. Although I am powerless right now, I will do my utmost to make sure Yun Ruofeng doesn’t get by easily!


“Your Majesty, what are you saying? This Prince devotes my all for the sake of Nanzhao.” Yun Ruofeng smiled gently, his eyes involuntarily drifting towards Su Xi-er once again.


Chu Linglong was silently observing and looked at Su Xi-er. “Does Miss Xi-er know how to dance? Could you perform a dance on the stage?”


As soon as everyone heard that there was going to be a dance, they became very excited. The dance of Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess last night had left them excited and hoping for more. Although there were also some who suspected that the dancer last night wasn’t who she appeared to be, they still kept a cordial relationship on the surface due to lack of evidence.


In addition, despite Su Xi-er’s low status as Prince Hao’s servant girl, the aura she exudes has completely triumphed over the current Nanzhao Eldest Imperial Princess. It would be marvellous to be able to appreciate her dance if she knows how to.


Expectation also appeared in Ning Lianchen’s eyes. He very much wanted to look for his Elder Imperial Sister’s shadow from Su Xi-er once more.


Among those present, there were only two people opposed to Su Xi-er offering a dance. One was Yun Ruofeng, and the other was Pei Qianhao, though the reasons for their objections were different. The former was afraid that Su Xi-er would present the Jinghong Dance and reveal the secret of yesterday’s performance; meanwhile, the latter was simply displeased.

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