“I see, so Prince Yun is reminiscing about his old friend every time he drinks tea.” Chu Linglong chuckled before turning to Ning Lianchen. “Your Majesty, Prince Yun doesn’t really like to drink tea, but is only using it to resolve his longing for his friend. It’s really interesting though, to not discuss tea with this friend when they were alive, but ‘like’ drinking it once they are gone.” Chu Linglong began laughing the more he spoke, his mocking tone making the audience uncomfortable.


There was a slight change in Yun Ruofeng’s expression before it quickly returned to normal. The old friend has already passed, and only now do I slowly begin to drink tea. Gradually, the hands hidden in his sleeves curled into clenched fists, and the look in his eyes became deeper.


Su Xi-er turned her head to look at Yun Ruofeng. She knew that he was feeling downtrodden, and even a bit sad in his heart, but she didn’t pity him at all. Instead, she felt that he was a bit ridiculous.


The atmosphere became heavier and heavier, until the award atmosphere was finally broken by an imperial guard’s voice.


“Your Majesty, the dangling hair ornament is here.” The imperial guard handed over a long wooden box.


Ning Lianchen received it and opened it to check. This is the very hair ornament that Imperial Elder Sister adored so much. Although so much time has passed, and its lustre has faded, the tranquil charm that it has will not dissipate, but even get stronger.


With some reluctance in his eyes, he closed the wooden box. “Miss Xi-er, this jade green dangling ornament holds much significance, being the favourite ornament of this Emperor’s Elder Imperial Sister when she was still alive. Now that she is no longer around, keeping this in the palace will only cause me to feel grief. Come forward and accept your reward.” 


Su Xi-er stood up and walked towards Ning Lianchen, bowing after she arrived in front of him. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”


Ning Lianchen passed the wooden box to her. “With Imperial Elder Sister gone, this Emperor reckons that only you will be able to bring out its charm. This Emperor feels that I can rest assured after giving it to you.”


His words prompted much speculation from the crowd. Nanzhao’s Emperor greatly misses the deceased Ning Rulan, but is speaking to Su Xi-er in such a manner now. Is it because he feels that Su Xi-er’s aura is similar to Ning Rulan’s?


Needless to say, Yun Ruofeng also felt the same. He felt his heart twist at the thought, a trace of pain appearing in his eyes.


Every time Su Xi-er appeared, he would be reminded of Ning Rulan, making him recall the times they spent together.


Su Xi-er quickly took the wooden box and bowed to Ning Lianchen. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”


She then turned around and walked back to Pei Qianhao’s side before slowly sitting down.


Pei Qianhao’s hand reached towards the wooden box, but Su Xi-er cautiously nudged to the side. This action of hers made him extremely displeased.


She likes this hair ornament so much?


Seeing her vigilant appearance, Pei Qianhao said, “This Prince doesn’t have interest in women’s ornaments, but if you like it so much, this Prince will help you wear it now.”


So that was his intention.


Su Xi-er opened the wooden box and took out the jade green dangling ornament. “Prince Hao, please help this servant put it on.” Her voice was resounding, and her deportment was elegant, eliciting the attention of the crowd. They watched on as Prince Hao took the accessory and carefully helped Su Xi-er put it on.


As soon as the ornament was placed in Su Xi-er’s hair bun, everyone felt a change in the aura that she exuded. It was tranquil and elegant, yet nobler than anything else. Matched with that quick-witted gaze of hers, it involuntarily moved everyone’s hearts for a moment. 


When Hua Zirong saw such a Su Xi-er, he immediately understood why the proud Prince Hao would dote on her. The feeling she gives people is very similar to Ning Rulan, but a bit more restrained. She is just like a Purple Fragrance Flower, silently blooming and emitting its radiance in an empty valley. 


Yun Ruofeng felt pain seizing his heart again. His gaze became hazy, and when he watched Pei Qianhao put the hair ornament on Su Xi-er, her figure gradually morphed into Ning Rulan’s.


His mind immediately became blank, and tides of memories came gushing in.


“Feng, this is what my mother gave me before she passed away. I have never worn it, because the person who first helps me put it on must be my husband. If you are willing to marry me in the future, do help me put it on.”

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Rakumon

"I have never worn it because the person who first helps me put it on must be my husband."

Cosy: Ooooohhhh…Does that means Su Xi-er sees Pei Qianhao as her potential husband? Kyaaaaaaaa

Rakumon: Hoho, I see a hint here. Does that mean Pei Qianhao is gonna... XD Wow, and considering that Yun Ruofeng never helped her put it on but she actually allowed Pei Qianhao to do so hehe 

Yun Ruofeng felt pain seizing his heart again. His gaze became hazy, and when he watched Pei Qianhao put the hair ornament on Su Xi-er, her figure gradually morphed into Ning Rulan’s.

Rakumon: You feel pain?? Okay...