Almost everyone could see that Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er were whispering to one another, but none of them could hear the details of their conversation. Despite that, they weren’t able to stop themselves from treating it as the two of them, ‘expressing their love.’


Yun Ruofeng raised the winecup in front of him and gently shook it, a glint of light flickering past his eyes before they became lost in the distance. A gentle breeze was brushing past the surface of the lake, producing ripples on the otherwise pristine water; the event made Yun Ruofeng suddenly feel as if his heart was empty.


Ning Lianchen looked towards him. “Prince Yun, why are you not drinking this Jade Nectar Dew? As Nanzhao’s national wine, wasn’t it your favourite in the past?”


“Drinking too much will hinder important affairs.” Yun Ruofeng smiled before setting his winecup on the table and watching the performance on the stage.


“Prince Yun, how is it possible for it to affect someone with high liquor tolerance like you? Could it be that your taste has changed and you don’t like it anymore?” 


Ning Lianchen responded in Yun Ruofeng’s stead. “Prince Yun, your tastes have changed. You no longer like to drink wine, but tea instead.”


His voice was loud enough for Chu Linglong to hear him. “Prince Yun, you like to drink tea? What type of tea do you like?”


Yun Ruofeng didn’t deny, and instead replied with a smile on his face. “Taiping Houkui. It’s refreshing taste is to my liking.”


“The best of the Four Famed Tea’s does indeed have a pretty good taste. It’s just that this Crown Prince doesn’t like to drink it, as I don’t find it as pleasing as wine. Wine is used for livening up the atmosphere, while tea is used for calming the heart. Prince Yun, could it be that there is a knot in your heart that you want to untie?”


The rulers of the smaller lands sitting at the lower seats couldn’t help but turn their attention to their conversation. How could Prince Yun be depressed and restless?


Yun Ruofeng shook his head. “This involves this Prince’s past. When I was still a little soldier, I met someone who really liked drinking Taiping Houkui. Back then, this Prince was baffled, and possessed the same thought as Crown Prince Chu. How could the tea be so delicious? However, as the days went on, this Prince gradually began to understand their feelings, especially concerning Taiping Houkui.”


When the rulers of other nations heard his story, they couldn’t help but sigh. Although Prince Yun now holds a high position, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He is able to remember and acknowledge the acquaintances of his past, something that not many people can do.


Su Xi-er’s slender eyebrows were slightly scrunched up. Taiping Houkui was my favourite tea. Yun Ruofeng is recounting our first meeting when I secretly snuck into the army barracks, and when he was just a little soldier.


He knows why I like to drink Taiping Houkui. He even went out of his way to ask me why I like it, and I simply replied with, “The taste is good.” I really enjoyed spending time with him back then.


Pei Qianhao noticed that Su Xi-er’s thoughts had trailed off and lightly snorted to remind her. When she snapped out of her stupor, he asked, “Why are you often in a daze these past few days?”


“Prince Hao, this servant was wondering what kind of person was so important to Prince Yun that he still remembers them now.” Her crisp voice flowed into everyone’s ears.


Chu Linglong agreed. “This Crown Prince is also curious. This old friend is considered Prince Yun’s kindred spirit right? Since that’s the case, they must be following Prince Yun, right?”


“The old friend has already passed away.” Prince Yun still maintained a gentle smile and a placid tone.

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