Chu Linglong lifted his winecup and poured himself a cup, deliberately putting on an envious look. "This Crown Prince is more than envious, I even wish to borrow your maidservant. Why don't you pour a cup for this Crown Prince?" He then ended his request with a smile. To any outsider, it seemed as though he really was jealous.


"There are so many concubines in the Crown Prince Chu Residence, and even some handsome men. Why didn't you bring them to Nanzhao and save yourself the hassle of being envious of this Prince." Pei Qianhao placed the winecup back on the table and turned to look at Su Xi-er, indicating for her to fill his cup.


Su Xi-er lifted the wine jug and filled his winecup to the brim again. What he didn’t expect, however, was her to walk directly towards Chu Linglong afterwards. He was extremely displeased. I was just telling Chu Linglong to not be envious, and now she's walking over on her own accord!


Chu Linglong's smile reached the bottom of his eyes as they curved into two crescent moons. He thought Su Xi-er was going to fill up his winecup and immediately finished drinking what was left in it.


However, Su Xi-er only placed the wine jug down in front of Chu Linglong. "Prince Hao cannot drink too much wine, so two cups will do. As for the rest of it, please enjoy yourself, Crown Prince Chu. You don’t need to thank Prince Hao." She then turned on her heel and swiftly walked back to her seat beside Prince Hao.


The figure in red seemed very unrestrained and carefree.


Ning Lianchen's lips couldn't help but curve into a smile upon watching the scene in front of him. It had been a long while since he felt so happy. 


For some unknown reason, he was in an inexplicably good mood upon seeing Su Xi-er, particularly her eyes. 


Hence, Ning Lianchen lifted his empty winecup. "Miss Xi-er, you are intelligent and clever to be able to think of the various coloured buns. This Emperor admires you very much. Why don't you drink a cup with this Emperor? In Nanzhao, to drink wine is to show respect." He was afraid that she wouldn’t drink, or that Prince Hao would be offended. As a result, he purposely explained that he was doing it as an act of respect.


Pei Qianhao lightly coughed before he turned towards Su Xi-er. He didn't speak a single word, but warned with his eyes for her to not drink.


And yet, Su Xi-er didn't spare him a glance. She stood up and bowed with deference to Ning Lianchen. "If your Majesty sincerely offers this servant a toast, how can this servant say no? It’s just that this winecup..."


Ning Lianchen immediately made a hand gesture. "Someone, come pour Miss Xi-er a cup of Jade Nectar Dew. This Emperor wants to drink a cup with her." There was an insuppressible joy in his voice.


Su Xi-er knew that Lianchen was currently very happy. His eyes were full of smiles, a shadow of his former self. Lianchen should be like this, carefree and living as he wishes, always wearing a smile.


Eunuch Fu promptly poured a cup of wine and respectfully passed it to Su Xi-er. Unfortunately for him, he happened to catch a glimpse of Pei Qianhao’s expression while doing so. The latter’s gaze was so cold that it sent chills down his spine, making him beat a hasty retreat.


Pei Qianhao stared at Su Xi-er. As long as she takes a single glance at me, she would have noticed that I am extremely displeased! But not only is she not paying me any attention, she’s even happily drinking with Nanzhao’s little Emperor with a smile on her face!


"Miss Xi-er, how refreshing. This Emperor is elated today!" Ning Lianchen wore a faint smile before he turned towards Yun Ruofeng. "Prince Yun, are you happy today?"


This year's state banquet had completely shamed Yun Ruofeng; how would he be happy? But now that everyone's eyes were on him, he could only put on a gentle smile and reply, "This Prince is happy to see that Your Majesty is happy. Looking at Your Majesty, it seems as though you have taken a liking to Miss Xi-er. It is a shame that she already belongs to Prince Hao. Unless of course, Prince Hao is generous enough to present her to you as a gift."

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