Old Maidservant Zhao’s body trembled. She didn’t understand what Prince Hao was talking about at all. Su Xi-er’s wrist injury has nothing to do with me.


“This old servant, this old servant…” The cold aura exuding from Prince Hao terrified her so much that she was dumbstruck.


Right at this moment, Su Xi-er came out from the room. “Old Maidservant Zhao, why do you not admit to what you have done? This servant won’t blame you. It must have been that this servant did something wrong and made you unhappy.”


Old Maidservant Zhao was perplexed. What is this lass talking rubbish about!


Just as she opened her mouth to explain, Old Maidservant Zhao saw Prince Hao shooting daggers at her with his frosty look. In a split second, she recalled the words Su Xi-er had told her.


“I have a backer…”


If Prince Hao isn’t Su Xi-er’s backer, why would he be so concerned when she’s injured?


But I didn’t secretly mete out personal punishment on Su Xi-er!


The palace maids standing at the side had their heads lowered and didn’t even dare to breathe. Hong Li felt delighted yet afraid in her heart.


I saw Prince Hao walk out of Su Xi-er’s room just now! It looks like I have gambled on the right person! I want to follow Su Xi-er forever!


“Prince Hao, please investigate thoroughly. This old servant…”


Su Xi-er immediately interrupted her. “Old Maidservant Zhao, if you admit, perhaps Prince Hao will be lenient with his punishment.”


Her words caused Pei Qianhao’s ice-cold gaze to immediately lock onto her. She’s pressuring Old Maidservant Zhao.


The injury on her wrist might not have been caused by Old Maidservant Zhao, but was instead broken by me in the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters that night.


Old Maidservant Zhao understood the meaning behind Su Xi-er’s words at once. She was certain that Su Xi-er was Prince Hao’s person.


What should I do? He Ying is not here. Besides, the Empress Dowager’s power can’t be compared to Prince Hao’s!


Should I change sides now and lean towards Su Xi-er? Is there still time? 


Old Maidservant Zhao was at a complete loss. She raised her head to look at Prince Hao again. He didn’t speak, but just the expression in his eyes alone could kill.


“Prince Hao…” Old Maidservant Zhao began to reply, but was interrupted by Pei Qianhao.


“Yes or no?” The sense of oppression was getting more intense, almost suffocating Old Maidservant Zhao.


In the end, she looked at Su Xi-er and saw a trace of gentleness flashed across the recesses of the latter’s eyes.


If I change sides at the last minute, will Su Xi-er pardon me?


Old Maidservant Zhao weighed her options and finally came to a decision. She laid prostrated on the ground and implored, “Su Xi-er slacked off and didn’t scrub the chamber pots, thus this old servant punished her. I used a plank to beat her but caused her wrist to be sprained due to using too much strength. After that, this old servant…”


“Secretly sent someone to set her bones?” Pei Qianhao’s tone was flat, making Old Maidservant Zhao unable to distinguish his mood.


“Yes.” Old Maidservant Zhao had no choice but to nod.


“Very well. Someone!” As soon as Pei Qianhao called out, Wu Ling appeared from his secret hiding place.


“Paying my respects to Prince Hao.”


“Take Old Maidservant Zhao away and punish her severely.” His tone was calm but full of intimidation.


Old Maidservant Zhao’s legs went limp. She constantly cast glances at Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er took advantage of a moment when Pei Qianhao was not paying attention to her and nodded at Old Maidservant Zhao.


Old Maidservant Zhao thought that she would save her and no longer resisted, allowing the imperial guards to drag her out.


She didn’t know that Su Xi-er was placating her temporarily, having no intention to save her at all.


Pei Qianhao glanced at Su Xi-er. “Your wrist injury is very timely. This prince twisted and broke an audacious woman’s wrist in the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters; coincidentally also on the left hand.”


“This servant also hopes that you will capture the audacious woman who ambushed you as soon as possible, Prince Hao.” Su Xi-er bowed and spoke deferentially.


“Is that so? What about your delicate and pitiful appearance from before?”


“Prince Hao, you punished Old Maidservant Zhao according to the rules. This servant doesn’t feel wronged in my heart anymore. I am sincerely grateful now.” 


Pei Qianhao burst into laughter. Every palace maid heard what he said. “If you are sincerely grateful, what about following this prince to the Beauty Palace?”

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