Although the performance on the floating platform continued along with the sound of the silk bamboo music, the atmosphere on the observation deck was terrifyingly silent. Everyone’s attention was concentrated on Yun Ruofeng, wondering if he would give Prince Hao’s maidservant whatever she wanted.


Her question was within reason, but the situation made it dangerous to answer.


Yun Ruofeng relaxed his brows as the corners of his lips slightly raised, his gentle disposition overflowing. "Feel free to speak your mind. As long as it's within the ability of this Prince, I will bestow it."


While the way things were going forced Yun Ruofeng to accept whatever Su Xi-er’s request was, he was also curious as to what she would ask for.


Instantly, everyone turned their attention onto Su Xi-er.


A short moment later, Su Xi-er’s lips parted as she spoke in a melodious voice. "What this servant wants is definitely within Prince Yun's ability. Even as a maidservant, I have heard the stories of Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess. No matter how small the detail, this servant would listen as long as the story was related to her." 


Saying the five words, ‘Nanzhao's previous Eldest Imperial Princess’, was like pouring a basin of water into a wok of hot oil - causing the commotion to splatter uncontrollably!


In Nanzhao,  Ning Rulan was a taboo. Even mentioning her name too much could lead to death. And yet, the one who had brought it up this time around was Prince Hao’s maidservant. Would Nanzhao be forced to hold their tongues?


The crowd wore different expressions on their faces, while Pei Qianhao’s own eyes were narrowed with puzzlement. Why did she mention Ning Rulan? She even mentioned her in our previous conversation.


He couldn't understand. Why is she so concerned about Nanzhao’s previous Eldest Imperial Princess as a mere maidservant of the Palace Side Quarters?


Hua Zirong's disinterested expression changed as well. Ning Rulan was a woman that he admired, not just because others did, but because he sincerely appreciated her countless talents and statecraft.


The temperature on the viewing platform had dropped, leaving behind an awkward silence. Of course, the drama-loving Chu Linglong was all too happy. Su Xi-er sure knows how to have fun. Not bad. I shall not hold it against her for saying that I look like a woman just now.


A cold glimmer flickered across Yun Ruofeng’s eyes as he asked with a smile, "Miss Xi-er, Why do you have to bring up the previous Eldest Imperial Princess when you are asking this Prince for something? Could it be that the item you want has something to do with the previous Eldest Imperial Princess? If that's the case, it is beyond this Prince's ability."


"This servant heard that the previous Eldest Imperial Princess had a jade green hair ornament with dangling jade pendants. She is the person this servant admires the most. Prince Yun, if you have this hair ornament, could you kindly bestow it to this servant?" Su Xi-er's tone was calm, but every word was like a huge boulder crushing on Yun Ruofeng's chest.


Ning Lianchen was feeling a similar emotion. I know exactly what hair ornament she’s talking about. It was Imperial Elder Sister’s favourite, as well as Empress Mother’s favourite before her. Before Empress Mother left us, she passed on the hair ornament to Imperial Sister.


But after Imperial Elder Sister's death, Ning Anlian snatched the hair ornament away. Ning Anlian threw away all of Imperial Sister's things, except for the jade green dangling ornament.


Ning Anlian seems to like that dangling ornament very much, and will even wear it from time to time.


Ning Lianchen felt like snatching the hair ornament back every time he saw Ning Anlian wearing it, but he didn’t have the power to do so. Yun Ruofeng allowed her to wear it, and even told him that as the emperor of a nation, he shouldn't be paying so much attention to a woman's accessory.

But now, Su Xi-er had requested that jade green dangling ornament. Ning Lianchen turned towards Yun Ruofeng immediately. He had to use this opportunity to push for Ning Anlian to give it up. That item was Imperial Elder Sister’s favourite, and can’t be allowed to remain in Ning Anlian’s hands!

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