The flour hawker was almost scared stiff. Everyone here is a highly influential person! His eyes drifted around in his stupor, eventually landing on Su Xi-er. His eyes widened in recognition before he elatedly exclaimed while pointing, “Miss Fairy, you are here!”


His voice was excited, and his face overflowed with delight.


Pei Qianhao was displeased once again. The man had specifically pointed out Su Xi-er, and even called her, ‘Miss Fairy’. Do these two know each other?


Suddenly, Pei Qianhao thought of the time that he allowed Su Xi-er on the streets. It seems like they had met each other when she was out strolling.


See how I will deal with you when we get back!


Without waiting for Su Xi-er to respond, Pei Qianhao asked, "Do you know this Prince's maidservant?"


His voice was low and his gaze cold. The flour hawker could not take the oppressive feeling and fell onto his knees with a plop. "I beg for your Highness’ pardon. This peasant had only seen Miss Fairy once."


He had no idea which prince he was speaking to, but the fact that the man was a prince was already enough.


Pei Qianhao's gaze turned even colder. The hawker's so excited after seeing her once. He looked at Su Xi-er. "What happened? Speak."


The flour hawker trembled. He was afraid that this prince would punish ‘Miss Fairy’, and promptly answered. "Your Highness, Miss Fairy doesn't remember this peasant, but this peasant remembers her. That day, Miss Fairy passed by this peasant's shop and gave me a great idea. If I added flowers and other plant extracts to the dough, their colour and faint fragrance will make my buns unique. All because of Miss Fairy, this peasant was able to earn many taels of silver in a short period of time. Many thanks, Miss Fairy." 


The hawker kowtowed to Su Xi-er to express his gratitude as he spoke.


Everyone suddenly understood. So these buns were not due to the wisdom of the citizens of Nanzhao, but the intelligence of Prince Hao's maidservant!


A glint flickered across Chu Linglong's eyes before he swiftly turned towards Yun Ruofeng. It's sure tough being the Prince Regent. Every single word the hawker spoke was a slap to Nanzhao's face! To think that Yun Ruofeng can maintain his composure without any change in expression!


Su Xi-er spoke at the right moment and signalled for the hawker to get up. "There's no need to thank me. I just made a passing remark; you were the one who executed it."


Pei Qianhao continued with what Su Xi-er said. "While it’s true that the hawker and restaurant chef should be rewarded, the one who is most deserving of praise is this Prince’s maidservant."


Many nodded in agreement, even Hua Zirong. "This bun reminds this King of the people of Xiliu, especially the flower growers who grow these Purple Fragrance Flowers."


Although Purple Fragrance Flowers could be grown in all countries, they were expensive. The process of growing them was particularly difficult, to the point that not even those in Nanzhao’s Moon County were willing to spend their time and effort to grow them.


Seeing that Yun Ruofeng was not speaking up, Ning Lianchen parted his lips and announced, "Substantial rewards shall be duly given, especially to Prince Hao's maidservant. The flour hawker and chef shall be awarded sixty taels of silver each."


Sixty taels of silver! They would be able to eat and drink without worry for the rest of their lives!


The hawker and chef immediately kowtowed. "Many thanks, Your Majesty!"


Yun Ruofeng finally spoke. "Eunuch Fu, take them to go collect their rewards. As for Prince Hao's maidservant, this Prince sees that you are not lacking in anything. What is it that you wish for?"


Su Xi-er stood up and first bowed with deference. "Will Prince Yun bestow whatever this servant desires?"


Her question piqued the curiosity of everyone. It is clear that Prince Hao heavily favours her, and Beimin is known to be the most powerful nation. She definitely shouldn’t want for anything, but her question makes it sound like she has something in mind.


Everyone's gaze was on Yun Ruofeng, awaiting his reply.

Pei Qianhao had initially wanted to interrupt her, but only watched in silence now. He wanted to know what she would request of Yun Ruofeng. What is it that Yun Ruofeng can give, but I can't?

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