Ning Lianchen took a purposeful look at Yun Ruofeng. He wanted to see if there would be any change in Yun Ruofeng's expression when the latter talked about this craftsman.


The craftsman was over fifty years old, and was only willing to pick up his tools again after Imperial Elder Sister sincerely invited him several times. However, ever since Imperial Sister passed away, the craftsman has disappeared without a trace.


At this thought, Ning Lianchen sneered to himself. Ning Anlian has done a complete renovation of the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace that she is staying in. However, nobody knows that she had initially wanted that craftsman to do the renovations. When they tried to seek him out however, he was nowhere to be found.


Only Imperial Elder Sister could invite him successfully!


Just as everyone became lost in their own thoughts, the Minister of Rites came forward again. "Your Majesty, Prince Yun, the light snacks and Jade Nectar Dew from the restaurant are ready to be served."


Ning Lianchen nodded. "Serve them."


The Minister of Rites bowed deferentially before he withdrew to complete the preparations. A short while later, everything was served.


There weren’t that many dishes when compared to yesterday’s sumptuous banquet, but every dish managed to pique the guests’ curiosity. In particular, everybody’s interest was caught by one brightly coloured pastry.


Every one of the brightly coloured pastries were a bit different, having been moulded into different shapes and sizes. However, not only was each pastry brightly coloured, but they also had a unique fragrance. Some held the scent of vegetable leaves, while others smelled like flowers. 


And even...


Hua Zirong took a bite out of a purple bun, his usual calm visage showing a slight change. "This King did not expect that this purple bun would have the taste of Xiliu's national flower."


Seeing that the guests of every country held high praises for the food, Yun Ruofeng's smile got even brighter. "This is a new bun making technique that started not long ago. The citizens of Nanzhao are smart and hardworking. They like to experiment in every area, even on something like this small little bun."


Everyone understood the implication of Yun Ruofeng's words. Some rulers of the lesser nations couldn't help but concur and offer their praise. "It looks good. The colour, the aroma, and the taste are all there. We don't have this kind of small bun in our country. We must really praise the citizens of Nanzhao for being clever."


"Only citizens of rich countries would experiment with food. Nanzhao is thriving as the days go on. We are impressed with Nanzhao."


Yun Ruofeng looked at those seated beneath him, his gentle aura overflowing. "Thank you everyone for your compliments. This Prince also believes that Nanzhao will become more prosperous, and once His Majesty has come of age, Naozhao will be will only get better."


Despite all the righteous and grandiose talk, Ning Lianchen knew his intentions. Even if I am of age, with Yun Ruofeng’s clout, he will still have the imperial authority in his control.


Just then, Chu Linglong narrowed his eyes and chuckled. "The song and dance are boring, but this Crown Prince is very interested in these buns. The one who made such a great bun should be rewarded. Why not bring the chef up for us to have a look and reward him on the spot?"


Yun Ruofeng agreed immediately, "Great! Servants, bring the chef here."


The imperial guards acknowledged the order and swiftly went down to bring the chef.


A short moment later, two middle-aged men came forward; one was clearly a restaurant chef, but the other...


"This peasant pays his respects to…" The two men had never seen so many powerful and influential figures. They were so nervous that they didn’t even know who to bow to.


Ning Lianchen dismissed them with a gesture. "There's no need for formalities. You were brought here to be rewarded for making such delicious buns. Say, how did you make these?"


The restaurant chef replied immediately. "The buns were made in the most basic manner. This peasant thought of the shapes, and the flour shop owner is responsible for the colours and fragrance." He answered while nudging the person beside him with an elbow.

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