How can I allow Su Xi-er to sit there!


He immediately responded, "The empty seat is for the Eldest Imperial Princess. This Prince's maidservant is just that: a maidservant. Though the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao is feeling unwell today and unable to join us, this Prince's maidservant still can’t take that seat."


Yun Ruofeng’s expression relaxed after hearing Pei Qianhao’s words. If Su Xi-er were to sit in the seat assigned to the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao, they wouldn’t be able to justify it no matter what they did.


However, his relief only lasted until Pei Qianhao’s next words.


"Move the seat to the side of this Prince. As long as it's not in that specific spot, it is not a seat that is specifically for the Eldest Imperial Princess." His gaze swept across each and every guest, pausing temporarily on Chu Linglong and Hua Zirong.


Hua Zirong looked disinterestedly as Su Xi-er; this decision was up to the host nation, and had nothing to do with him.


However, Yun Ruofeng was not in agreement with Pei Qianhao's words. "Prince Hao had just remarked about the rules in Nanzhao’s palace. In that case, a maidservant should follow the rules and remain behind her master." He paused before looking at Su Xi-er. “Isn’t that right?”


Since Yun Ruofeng posed the question to Su Xi-er, the latter would have to answer. However, he never expected that Su Xi-er would refute him.


"No." Su Xi-er simple reply caused Chu Linglong to lose his composure, a chuckle escaping from his lips as he made an offhand remark that things were interesting.


Yun Ruofeng maintained his gentle countenance, but the corners of his lips were no longer raised, a crack in his otherwise perfect facade.


Ning Lianchen was standing closest to Yun Ruofeng. To go against Yun Ruofeng multiple times, he could tell that Su Xi-er was no ordinary woman. Under usual circumstances, there were no women who could escape from Yun Ruofeng's gentle smiling visage.


Yet, Su Xi-er wasn't charmed at all. Ning Lianchen felt extremely pleased and waved his hand. "Servants, move the seat to Prince Hao's side."


Eunuch Fu took a look at Prince Yun. He only dared to move the seat upon seeing Prince Yun nodding his head.


Soon, the seat was moved to Prince Hao's side. Eunuch Fu made an inviting gesture at Su Xi-er. "Miss, please take your seat."


Su Xi-er nodded and sat down.


The awkward situation immediately returned to normal, with several beautiful entertainers dressed in various colourful robes dancing to the tune of the music.


Having seen the Jinghong dance yesterday though, many had lost interest in watching the current dance. Moreover, none of the women was as good looking as Su Xi-er.


Hence, an even more awkward situation arose just as the first had faded away. Everyone's line of sight would drift to Su Xi-er, intentionally or unintentionally, disinterested in the dance on the floating platform.


Pei Qianhao swiftly noticed and was extremely displeased. What is this, everyone is just staring at my maidservant! But no matter how unhappy he was, he could only express his frustration by sending cold glares at Su Xi-er.


Realising that he was in a bad mood, Su Xi-er turned and smiled. "Prince Hao, take a look at the floating platform. It's so unique. Beimin doesn't seem to have this."


His expression improved a bit when he heard her words, then turning his gaze towards the platform in the water before speaking. "Indeed, Beimin doesn't have this. Which craftsman in Nanzhao thought of this?"  He asked and looked at Yun Ruofeng.


Yun Ruofeng returned a slight smile, "Unfortunately, the craftsman has passed away. He was also unwilling to reveal his name when he was still alive."


Su Xi-er kept her mouth closed. The craftsman who designed the floating platform was indeed dead. That year, she had repeatedly invited him several times before he was willing to leave the mountains.


"To think that Nanzhao was able to invite such hidden talent out of the mountains." Pei Qianhao replied nonchalantly, his face void of expression. He then turned and looked at Su Xi-er.


Why do I keep getting the feeling that her head is in the clouds?

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