Wei Guang carefully observed Ning Anlian's countenance, able to clearly see the hatred in her eyes. It appeared that Prince Hao’s maidservant had truly stolen all of her attention.


It only took Wei Guang a moment to understand the situation. It’s like a classic give-and-take business deal. We’ll both take what we need from the other.


Wei Guang immediately sent word to the farms. In another four hours, the farm would be sending ingredients to the restaurant beside the Water Caltrop River. They had just sent a batch of ingredients in the morning, with the second batch intended for the dinner banquet.


When Fortune Apricot House was still around, it was so popular that it suppressed the other restaurants in the capital. Now that it had collapsed, before the new owner could rebuild the place, the restaurant beside the Water Caltrop River released a few new dishes to capitalise on its absence. It immediately became a rising star among its competitors.


In the meantime, Ning Anlian entered the room which originally belonged to the Wei Miss’. She changed her clothes and redid her hair and makeup. Her dress was a dazzling red, and golden thread embroidering its hem made it seem grandiose.


At the same time, everything was set at the observation deck at the Water Caltrop River. The guests were already seated according to a predetermined seat arrangement. The only problem was… Su Xi-er hadn’t been accounted for.


No one had expected that Pei Qianhao would be unwilling to let his maidservant leave his side. This was a tough situation; where should Su Xi-er sit?


Su Xi-er realised that Yun Ruofeng's brows had slightly furrowed together. Although it was gone the next moment, she had been able to notice his predicament. He must be thinking about the seat arrangement.


There was an empty seat that was originally meant for Ning Anlian; however, she wasn't able to make it today. According to Nanzhao's customs, whether it was the banquet last night, or the viewing of the Water Caltrop River today, the Eldest Imperial Princess must be assigned a seat.


Chu Linglong had attended the state banquet in previous years, and clearly knew who that seat was meant for. However, he was also someone who loved to stir the pot. He pointed at the empty space before speaking. "This Crown Prince thinks that spot looks good. Rules are rigid, but people are flexible, so why not let Prince Hao's maidservant take that spot? Your Majesty, what do you think?"




He handled it well, directing the question at Ning Lianchen instead of Yun Ruofeng.


Ning Lianchen glanced at Su Xi-er, feeling that something was amiss. The Jinghong dance last night felt very familiar to him. Her dance was extremely similar to his Imperial Elder Sister’s!


He then took a look at the empty seat. This seat was originally meant for his Imperial Elder Sister, and he would rather someone with a similar disposition take it than offer it to Ning Anlian. Moreover, Ning Anlian would definitely know if Su Xi-er took this seat. Once she found out, she would go mad with fury, and that was exactly the outcome he wanted!


Hence, Ning Lianchen spoke up before Yun Ruofeng could respond. "Although Nanzhao has many rules, we aren’t so rigid as to insist upon following them against common sense. The seat is empty, and Miss Xi-er is still a guest, even if she is Prince Hao’s maidservant. Please, take a seat so we can avoid wasting the spot."


There was a sudden moment of silence. The corners of Chu Linglong's lips raised slightly as his gaze alternated between Yun Ruofeng and Pei Qianhao. Hua Zirong's gaze fell on Su Xi-er, and was watching her carefully.


Just then, the Minister of Rites came forward. "Your Majesty, Prince Yun, everything is ready. The opera house is standing by on the floating platform, and the restaurant has prepared various light snacks. They'll be up in a minute."


His words were a subtle reminder that everything was waiting for them to be seated.

Pei Qianhao glanced at Su Xi-er before turning his gaze back to the seat in question. It’s already bad enough that her sitting there would separate us, but it even positions her between Yun Ruofeng and the little Emperor of Nanzhao!

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