Even though Ning Anlian was furious, she had to swallow her fury and continue to eavesdrop. It was the middle of the day, and there was no way that she would be able to even approach the viewing platform with how many imperial guards were around.


The burly men were still engaged in a fervent discussion. "I wonder what happened to the Eldest Imperial Princess for her to be absent. It’s because of this that Prince Hao’s woman has stolen all the attention that would have originally belonged to the Eldest Imperial Princess at the state banquet."


"Well, it's the imperial household. There are many things that normal commoners like us can't comment on. I was thinking though, remember how the two Wei Miss’ died not long after that woman taught them a lesson? Do you think…?"


He was interrupted by his peer before he could complete his sentence. "Stop spouting nonsense. She's with Prince Hao; are you crazy!"


Frightened, the man immediately zipped his mouth shut and refrained from talking.


Ning Anlian overheard the entire conversation and a cold glint flickered across her eyes. She suddenly recalled the news that she had received a few days ago - A peerless beauty had arrived at Nanzhao and taught the Wei Miss' a lesson on the streets.


That  peerless beauty must have been Su Xi-er. There is going to be a good show later. Su Xi-er definitely has something to do with the death of the Wei Miss’, and she may even be the murderer!


The crime of a noble is regarded the same as that of commoners. There's no way I'd believe the manager and waiter of Fortune Apricot House murdered the Wei Miss'.


" All the state banquet ingredients are from Landlord Wei's farm, and he must have heard about this matter. What do you think he has to say about this?"


The burly man's careless words enlightened Ning Anlian. Her brows unfurrowed as she immediately headed towards the Wei Residence.


Now I have an even better way to get to the Water Caltrop River. Yun Ruofeng, the more you want to keep me from appearing, the more I want to. I will even expose Su Xi-er as a murderer!


Ning Anlian's lips raised into a smile as a malicious glint appeared in her eyes. She knew that Landlord Wei, having done business for so many years, was definitely not as stupid as to believe the Magistrate Office without question.


She took caution with each step, afraid of twisting her ankle again. Nobody knew that she had left the palace, and nobody knew her identity. As a result, nobody would be around to help her if she was suddenly injured again.


Arriving at the Wei Residence, Ning Anlian saw that the main doors were shut. Two servants stood at the entrance, appearing listless and sorrowful. The death of the two Wei Miss' had dealt a huge blow to Landlord Wei, causing the entire Wei Residence to be engulfed in a bleak and chilly atmosphere.


Ning Anlian stepped forward. "Open your doors. I need to see your Senior Master."


The two servants looked at each other. Why does this woman want to see Senior Master?


"This has got to do with the Wei Miss's death. Wouldn't your Senior Master be interested to find out?" Ning Anlian was all smiles, but her words had caused their faces to turn solemn.


Though the two Miss' were not good looking and had awful characters, they were the apples of Senior Master's eyes. If this woman before us knows something about their deaths, we have to relay the message.


Hence, one of them stayed at the front door, while the other hurried off.


Predictably, the Senior Master of Wei Residence came out after a short while. He gave Ning Anlian a once over, and just as he was about to start questioning her, she took out her waist tablet[1].


Wei Guang's eyes widened instantly upon seeing her waist tablet. The woman standing in front of me is actually… the Eldest Imperial Princess! Isn't she supposed to be at the Water Caltrop River? What is she doing here?


Ning Anlian promptly stowed away her waist tablet and hinted at Wei Guang. "Landlord Wei, let's speak inside."

1. A tablet that is carried around by nobles as a show of identity.

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The crime of a noble is regarded the same as that of commoners.

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