The voices of the people grew louder and louder until finally, they all showed signs of understanding. A servant of the Wei Residence who was in the crowd heard the news and pressed his lips together. He then bowed and wriggled out of the crowd, heading for the Wei Residence in a hurry.


Ever since the two Wei Miss' died without rhyme or reason, Senior Master is always furrowing his brows. He doesn’t pay attention to the family business, nor does he show any concern for financial matters. If he doesn’t snap out of it soon, us servants will suffer as well.


While some members of the crowd left after the nobles boarded the viewing platform, others stayed to watch. Of those who stayed, they were all undoubtedly waiting for nightfall.


The imperial household’s boat was extremely eye-catching, even more so when the lanterns on it were lit up at night. Many of the commoners would bring a stool over and eat some snacks while listening to the music coming from the boats.


Tonight was destined to be a lively and bustling night.


Compared to the slowly dying buzz here, it was even more silent and empty in the imperial palace; it was especially so at the Eldest Imperial Princess' repose palace. Layers and layers of imperial guards guarded the palace, looking extremely solemn. It was the complete opposite of the lively atmosphere at the state banquet.


Piao Xu had already told Ning Anlian everything that she saw. In her fury, she no longer tried to persuade Ning Anlian to act carefully. "Eldest Imperial Princess, Su Xi-er has snatched all the attention away from you. During the state banquet, Your Highness is the only one worthy to dress in red. Yet, considering Su Xi-er’s outfit, she has no respect for you at all."


A glint of malevolence flickered across Ning Anlian's eyes. I thought that with Ning Rulan dead, I would be the woman standing at the top of Nanzhao, or even the whole world.


But who knew that a Su Xi-er would appear out of nowhere and steal away all my limelight. What I hate the most is people taking what rightfully belongs to me!


Not to mention, the one doing all this is just a lowly maidservant. How could I not get worked up?!


Hence, she immediately questioned Piao Xu. "What time is it now? Why aren't the people from the Imperial Kitchen here yet?"


"Don’t worry Eldest Imperial Princess, it will be noon soon, and they will arrive in due time. More importantly, does Your Highness have any ways to leave the palace?"


Ning Anlian smiled. "When the palace maid from the Imperial Kitchen enters, knock her out immediately. This Princess will change into her clothes and leave as her. This Princess will then board the carriage that the Imperial Kitchen sends out for supplies at 12.10pm every day. Everything will be fine as long as this Princess boards that horse carriage."


"Eldest Imperial Princess, Piao Xu is unable to be by your side. Your Highness…"


Ning Anlian dismissed her with a wave of her hand. “Don’t worry, this Princess naturally has my own plans.”


Piao Xu nodded and retreated to retrieve the medicinal pack from the Imperial Physician Institute. "Eldest Imperial Princess, you definitely will have to walk a lot today. Let this servant apply the medicine pack on your ankle again."


"Mmm." Ning Anlian answered and revealed her ankle. Piao Xu promptly grabbed a stool for Ning Anlian to lay her foot down.


She massaged Ning Anlian's ankle for a while before dousing the medicinal pack in warm water and applying it to the injury.


"Eldest Imperial Princess, you need to take another ginseng slice." Piao Xu grabbed the ginseng slices from the table as she spoke.


Ning Anlian took one and held it in her mouth. At this moment, she could only think of Su Xi-er. She could imagine what was happening from Piao Xu’s description. Su Xi-er dressed in red robes. At this state banquet, a maidservant dared to dress in red!


Was Su Xi-er too daring, or was Prince Hao too indulging?!


"Piao Xu, bring this Princess the most dazzling red dress. This Princess wants to take it out."


Piao Xu clearly understood what was Ning Anlian thinking. She immediately went into the inner room and packed the most dazzling red dress.


Not long after their preparations had been completed, a maidservant arrived to deliver the food.

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