The man with his nails painted purple and surrounded by a seductive aura was definitely the Crown Prince of Dongling. As for the constantly stoic man, he was definitely the monarch of Xiliu.


The only one remaining was Prince Hao of Beimin. Everyone's curiosity was piqued.


"Why isn't Prince Hao alighting yet? Is he on that carriage?" Someone in the crowd raised his hand and pointed at the large carriage on the extreme right. 


Upon hearing the man’s voice, all the foreign dignitaries joined the crowd in staring at the indicated carriage.


Someone with sharp observation skills in the crowd instantly realised that the Emperor and Prince Yun had also looked towards the carriage on the right. He held his breath and waited in silence.


A long arm held the hem of the carriage curtain and slowly lifted it up. A tall and sleek man stepped down from the carriage, bringing with him an imposing presence, and the might of a ruler.


Those who could see him couldn’t keep their gazes off him, while those who couldn’t tried to push forward to catch a glimpse. For a moment, the imperial guards had to force the crowd back to prevent the commotion from erupting.


Everyone thought that Prince Hao was the only one in the carriage, only to see him turn around and reach out towards the carriage curtain again. A jade-like hand reached out from behind the curtain to catch his, immediately forcing everyone’s silence. The only sound that one could hear was the wind blowing.


There is a woman… seated in Prince Hao's carriage! The woman in question stepped out covered in rich red robes. Standing alongside the carriage with Prince Hao, her elegance overflowed.


There were no words that could fully describe the woman outlined in dazzling red, causing everyone’s movement to become stiff as they continued to stare.


Prince Hao offered to help the woman down from the horse carriage, and she is an extremely beautiful woman at that!


How is this not an explosive piece of news!


The people standing at the front of the crowd couldn't take their eyes off her. Her every move and look could tantalise the hearts of men.


With a slight movement of his hand, Pei Qianhao pushed Su Xi-er behind him so that no one else could see her.


His movement was noticed by the eagle-eyed Chu Linglong. "Prince Hao, if you want to have a secret mistress, then you shouldn't bring your maidservant out, much less dress her in red robes. Since you have brought her out, you should be prepared for others to see her."


Chu Linglong had guessed Pei Qianhao’s thoughts perfectly, but since the latter always acted on a whim anyways, he wasn’t fazed.


Just then, Prince Yun's gentle voice sounded. "The viewing deck is now ready for us to enjoy the scenery by the Water Caltrop River."


Pei Qianhao nodded slightly and glanced at Su Xi-er. The crowd then started moving forward.


Everyone was captivated by Su Xi-er, even the stoic Hua Zirong was no exception.


The observation deck set up next to the Water Caltrop River was extremely spacious, and housed Nanzhao’s most renowned winery, orchestra, and dance troupe. A floating platform was laid out in front of the viewing deck, almost like a gigantic ship. Nobody had expected to see such a unique sight this year.


The crowd watched the dignitaries approach the viewing deck, wanting to accompany them, but unable to. After all, they were just commoners, while everyone on the observation deck was a powerful and influential figure.


But right at this moment, someone in the crowd came to a realisation.


The person exclaimed loudly. "That young woman looks very familiar! Does anyone else remember her? She's the woman who spoke out and taught the Wei Miss' a lesson that day!"


Now that the person had mentioned it, the other people in the crowd came to the realisation as well. One person slapped himself on his thigh and concurred. "It's her! No wonder she has no fear towards the Wei Family. With Prince Hao to back her up, even Prince Yun cannot offend her lightly! What is an insignificant Wei Family compared to him?!”

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