“Prince Hao, this servant was talking about love between men and women. You…” Su Xi-er abruptly stopped and waved her hand. “This servant has made a mistake. Prince Hao, please pretend that this servant never said anything.”


“You wanted to ask whether this Prince loves you?” Pei Qianhao spoke directly with a solemn expression on his face.


Su Xi-er looked at him. To be honest, I want to know the answer. If he does have such feelings, then I must do something about it. He doesn’t know who I really am.


“This Prince never thought that I could love someone in this lifetime. Su Xi-er, if this Prince falls in love with you, what will you do?” Pei Qianhao suddenly closed in on her, his expression serious.


Su Xi-er looked at him and suddenly said, “Prince Hao, if Ning Rulan was still alive, would you fall in love with her?”


“Why would this Prince love Ning Rulan? Why are you mentioning her suddenly?”


“Prince Hao’s status is noble, so this servant thought that only a powerful woman would match you…”


Before she could finish, he interrupted her. “This Prince doesn’t like women who are too powerful. Ning Rulan was too clever and powerful, rendering all men incapable of comparing to her. Everyone is wondering why Yun Ruofeng viciously killed Ning Rulan and helped that useless Second Imperial Princess to take her place; this is why.”


Everyone says that men can understand other men best. This time, I want to hear Pei Qianhao’s perspective.


“Prince Hao, this servant doesn’t understand what you just said. The previous Eldest Imperial Princess was admired by everyone, but perhaps she was forced to do so.”


Pei Qianhao put away his serious expression and laughed. “You are not her; how would you know if she was forced? Maybe she really was a strong and willful woman at heart. All you need to do to see the fate of such a woman is look at the four nations around us. No man would want their spotlight to be stolen by a woman, especially not someone as ambitious and scheming as Yun Ruofeng.”


Su Xi-er’s gaze floated far away. In Pei Qianhao’s eyes, I was too powerful and didn’t allow my decisions to be changed by others. Yun Ruofeng hated me for restricting him with my influence, and killed me for that reason.


“When Ning Rulan was alive, this Prince never attended Nanzhao’s state banquet. How could I have fallen for her?”


Su Xi-er suddenly laughed with a bright glint in her eyes. “This servant understands. Prince Hao likes virtuous women who only support their husband, educates the children, and doesn’t ask about his business.”


Pei Qianhao’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. It’s faint, but she can’t hide that hint of bitterness in her smile from me.


Why is her smile bitter? Is it because she is also a willful and tough woman at heart? Even if Su Xi-er is bold and clever, she isn’t that bad when compared with the influential Ning Rulan.


“Su Xi-er” Pei Qianhao suddenly called her softly.


Su Xi-er raised her head and answered, “Hm?” Her voice was quiet and her smile was gentle; it didn’t show bitterness anymore.


“Don’t keep talking about love with this Prince. This Prince is principled when it comes to choosing servants. If you are this Prince’s maidservant, that is what you will be for this lifetime.” His voice was firm and overbearing.


That is what you will be for this lifetime; don’t even think about leaving.


Su Xi-er looked at him. Because I am a servant, then I must serve him for this lifetime. He is so overbearing, and wants to control everything.


“Do you understand?” He opened his mouth again, wanting her to promise.


Su Xi-er nodded. “This servant understands, I will be Prince Hao’s maidservant and serve you for a lifetime.”


Why does this sound like she is being forced to accept a compromise? A glint of annoyance flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “This Prince wants you to be willing with all your heart.”


“Prince Hao, you are really funny. Who would be happy to be a servant for a lifetime?” Su Xi-er replied directly without showing him any respect.

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