Yun Ruofeng had never asked for Ning Lianchen’s opinion before today. Ning Lianchen sneered to himself, but didn’t expose the prince.


“Let’s go to the Water Caltrop River.” The entourage continued to move forward after the order was given.


The only difference was that Su Xi-er had gone from the back of the group to standing right behind Pei Qianhao. Her bright red dress took everyone’s attention her way, with even Yun Ruofeng glancing back at her from time to time.


Pei Qianhao’s expression didn’t change, but he raised his hand slightly to signal to Su Xi-er. He had her stand closer to himself so that his body would block Yun Ruofeng’s view.


He dared to look at my maidservant in front of me. I should really gouge Prince Yun’s eyeballs out!


Because of this, Su Xi-er almost joined the monarchs of the four major nations in the first row, a detail that didn’t escape Chu Linglong or Hua Zirong’s eyes.


The corner of Chu Linglong’s mouth raised into a playful smile.


Hua Zirong’s expression was indifferent. He admired talented people, no matter if they were men or women. In Nanzhao, he admired Yun Ruofeng’s military skills, but this was nothing when compared to his opinion of Ning Rulan.


Hence, when he heard the news that Ning Rulan had passed away, he couldn’t help but feel pained in his heart. Afterwards, when he heard that Yun Ruofeng was the one that killed her, he was even more perplexed.


However, whatever happened was Nanzhao’s business. As someone from Xiliu, I can’t meddle with the affairs of other nations.


The group soon walked through the palace gate before being greeted by many spacious horse carriages. The palace maids and eunuchs all sat in a group of relatively more plain wooden horse carriages that brought up the rear.


Many guests from other countries also took their personal maidservants, but they were told to sit in the ordinary carriages without exception. Su Xi-er was the only exception, with Pei Qianhao insisting that she had to accompany him.


The drama loving Chu Linglong couldn’t help but interrupt. “The rumours are true; Prince Hao indeed loves beauties. This maidservant is not only beautiful, but has a smart mouth to go along with it. No wonder Prince Hao dotes on her to the point of insisting on sitting in the same carriage.”


Pei Qianhao’s voice was low and deep, emanating an aura that no one could match. He glanced at Chu Linglong. “This Prince is curious, why does the Crown Prince of another country continue to talk about this Prince’s maidservant?”


Su Xi-er was familiar with Chu Linglong, and could already guess what he would say. Thus, without even waiting for the latter’s response, she immediately interjected. “Your Highness, this servant knows that you love being beautiful. This servant is not as beautiful as you, please don’t worry.”


Everyone was stunned. Even Yun Ruofeng couldn’t maintain his usual gentle smile.


Chu Linglong’s expression instantly darkened. She thought that the reason I continued to talk about her is because I wanted to compare my appearance with hers?


Fine, I have remembered! This maidservant of Prince Hao is audacious! See how I will make trouble for her tonight!


The usually quiet Hua Zirong opened his mouth. “Crown Prince Chu, how Prince Hao disciplines his maidservant is his business. People from other countries have no say in the matter. If this Emperor isn’t wrong, you also have a lot of delicate concubines in your palace; there are even stories of there being some handsome men.”


Chu Linglong’s expression was even worse now. I admit that I have many concubines, but where did he hear that I also have handsome men? That is clearly slander!


Su Xi-er recognised that Chu Linlong was approaching a breaking point, and knew when to advance and when to retreat. Tugging at Pei Qianhao’s sleeve, she spoke quietly. “Prince Hao, let’s get on the horse carriage.”


Pei Qianhao knew that the main reason for the awkward situation was her presence. This woman certainly knows how to read the atmosphere. She’s even adept at handling Chu Linglong.


It’s not good for a woman to be too clever. I will need to discipline her properly after we get on the horse carriage.

Chu Linglong’s expression only returned to normal after Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er got on the horse carriage. A bright glint flickered across his eyes. Not bad, Nanzhao’s state banquet is much more interesting this year.

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Not bad, Nanzhao’s state banquet is much more interesting this year.

Rakumon: Haha despite being verbally attacked by Su Xi-er a few times XD