He laughed warmly and looked at Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, this Prince will be sure to learn all there is to learn; you don’t need to remind me. In any case, we should be hurrying along. Everything is already set up and the Water Caltrop River, and it certainly isn’t getting any earlier.” He signalled with his hand for everyone to keep moving with no flaws in his deportment.


Pei Qianhao didn’t say much and looked at Su Xi-er at the back of the crowd. How did she end up at the back?


Thus, he called out in Su Xi-er’s direction. “Come over.” His words were simple and short, as well as calm and powerful. He didn’t care about others’ reactions, simply asking her to come over directly.


In an instant, everyone’s gaze shifted over. They had already noticed Su Xi-er when she appeared. This maidservant is so audacious to wear red during the state banquet. However, they didn’t make any additional comments. The only way she would dare to do this is if Prince Hao supported her decision.


Su Xi-er slowly walked over, her grace completely shown in her smooth movements. The dress she wore fell to her ankles while gold and silver thread wove their way down the hem in floral patterns.


Prince Hao is so concerned about his maidservant, even gifting her such a nice dress. Don’t they know that only a legal wife can wear a red dress?


Su Xi-er walked behind Pei Qianhao and bowed to pay her respects before smiling at everyone to show the same politeness.


Chu Linglong laughed. “Why does this Crown Prince think that Prince Hao’s maidservant is already much better than the Eldest Imperial Princess of a certain nation?”


The words were another slap across Nanzhao’s face. Moreover, the Emperor of Nanzhao’s expression didn’t even change.


Suddenly, the atmosphere was heavy and awkward again.


Su Xi-er laughed and replied, “Such strong words. How can this servant compare with the Princess?”


“Tsk tsk, so humble. If you weren’t Prince Hao’s maidservant, this Crown Prince would consider taking you.” The corners of Chu Linglong’s mouth curled into a smile.


Pei Qianhao was annoyed. He is flirting with my maidservant in front of me. He intended to retort, but Su Xi-er beat him to the punch.


“This servant doesn’t deserve someone like the Crown Prince of a nation. Besides, if this servant hadn’t seen your Adam’s apple, I would have thought that you were a woman. With how beautiful you are, this servant can’t develop any romantic feelings for you.”


Chu Linglong’s expression froze. She blatantly said that I look like a woman! It’s not as if I can change the face I was born with.


Chu Linglong laughed and looked at Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, this Crown Prince has never heard of anyone describing me like that. You must have disciplined this interesting maidservant well.”


Not missing a beat, Su Xi-er immediately replied again. “Never heard of it? Crown Prince, haven’t you heard any of the gossip that goes on in the streets? There are many civilians that say that you look like a woman suited for...” She stopped. I can’t continue. But she knew that Chu Linglong understood her meaning.


Crown Prince Chu always had a vicious tongue. Even when I was Ning Rulan, he tried to provoke me with words many times.


Chu Linglong’s expression froze again. This time, Pei Qianhao dragged Su Xi-er behind him. “There are some things you can’t say. Don’t let others think that this Prince doesn’t discipline you well.”


Su Xi-er nodded and didn’t say much, but there was a trace of coldness in her gaze when she looked at Chu Linglong that made his heart skip a beat.


This little maidservant isn’t so simple!


On the side, Ning Lianchen took note of Su Xi-er’s behaviour. Imperial Elder Sister used to fight with Crown Prince Chu and comment on his appearance as well. Yet another aspect where they are very similar.


Yun Ruofeng also noticed the same thing. He felt strangely uneasy when Pei Qianhao protected her, as if she should be standing behind him instead.


At this moment, Yun Ruofeng suddenly thought of what the senior monk told him at the temple. “It’s time to let go.” What is it that I can’t let go? Why does my chest feel stuffy when I see Su Xi-er standing behind Pei Qianhao?


The one that I love should be Ning Anlian...


Suddenly, Yun Ruofeng felt his heart lurch before he returned from his stupor. He reminded Ning Lianchen, “Your Majesty, it’s time to go to the Water Caltrop River.”

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Besides, if this servant hadn’t seen your Adam’s apple, I would have thought that you were a woman. 

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